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    Activate Employee Organizer service key

    Article ID: 1000042


    If you have your Employee Organizer service key follow the steps below to activate Employee Organizer in QuickBooks Desktop.


    Choose Company > My Company.  Click the edit icon at the upper right.

    Be sure you have filled in the Employer Identification Number field, and then click OK.

    Choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Key.

    Click Add.

    Enter your Employee Organizer Service Key, and then click Next > Finish.

    Click Add again, and then enter the service key for the Employment Regulations Update.

    Click Next > Finish. The Employee Organizer subscription is validated and shows as Active in the QuickBooks Desktop Service Keys window.

    If you run into issues, you can temporarily remove the service from QuickBooks Desktop:

    1. Make a backup.
    2. Choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Key.
    3. Select the line that reads Employment Regulations Update by clicking on it once.
      • NOTE: if you do not know your Service Key for the Employment Regulations Update or Employee Organizer, click Edit and write down your Service Key.
    4. Press Alt + 0 (the number zero above the letters).
    5. When the prompt, "A current backup of your data file may be the only way to reactivate a cancelled subscription..." appears, click Yes.
    6. When the confirmation: "Are you sure you want to cancel your Employment Regulations Update Subscription? If you click on yes, you will turn off all features of this service for [company name] in the QuickBooks program." appears, click Yes.
    7. The message "Your subscription has been cancelled." appears. Repeat the same steps to remove the Employer Organizer.
    8. After you remove BOTH the Employee Organizer and the Regulations Update from your QuickBooks Desktop company file, close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop.
    9. Once re-opened, re-enter the two services:
      1. Choose Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Key.
      2. On the Manager Service Key window, click Add.
      3. When prompted, enter the Service Key for Employer Organizer.
      4. Click Next then Finish.
      5. The Employer Organizer will now be added back to QuickBooks Desktop.
      6. Repeat the same steps for the Employment Regulations Update.

    If you have QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions V14.0 or earlier:

    Employee Organizer is an integrated feature of Enterprise Solutions. To make sure Employee Organizer is working:
    1. Click Help > Update QuickBooks > Options tab.  
    2. In the list of updates click to select Employee Organizer.
    3. Click Save.  
    4. Click the Update Now tab.
    5. Click Get Updates to start the QuickBooks Desktop updates.
    6. When complete, restart QuickBooks Desktop.

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