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    Error PS036: Cannot verify payroll subscription

    Article ID: 1000010


    When updating your payroll to the latest tax table, the following error message appears:

    PS036 There is a problem verifying your payroll subscription.

    Reasons why this error can occur:

    • Inactive payroll subscription
    • More than one active payroll agreement with an inactive Direct Deposit agreement
    • Damaged QuickBooks Desktop file: paysub.ini
    • Data damage
    • Product not updated
    • Incorrect Service Key
    • Incorrect Employer Identification Number (EIN) in the company file
    • Incorrect PSID in the company file
    • The version of QuickBooks Desktop you are using does not support your version of Windows
    • The status of the payroll subscription in the QuickBooks Desktop Service Keys screen appears as "Invalid number or EIN"


    To verify your payroll subscription:

    Ensure that you have the latest QuickBooks Desktop release and tax table update.

    Open QuickBooks Desktkop Payroll Account Maintenance, and then close the page.

    Reboot your computer.

    Download the payroll update, again.

    If these steps do not correct this issue, follow these steps:

    If you are using Direct Deposit for the company file that is having this issue, please contact us and do NOT follow the instructions below. Visit www.payroll.com/contactus, select Payroll, and click the View Contact Info button.  

    Close QuickBooks Desktop and Rename paysub.ini.
    Important: Repeat for all paysub.ini files found. The system does not permit the same name twice. You can add a number or extra letter for every paysub file found.

    Open QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Account Maintenance and check if the payroll service shows Active. Close the page.

    It validates your payroll service online and should resolve the error. If otherwise, perform a clean install of QuickBooks in Selective Startup.

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