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    Export payroll data

    Article ID: 1000008


    You can create a payroll data report by using the Summarize Payroll Data in Excel report option. Note that payroll data cannot be imported into QuickBooks.

    Expected Outcome

    You will have reports in Excel.


    You have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer.


    Initiate Excel report from QuickBooks.

    • On the top menu bar, click on Reports, click Employees & Payroll, and click Summarize Payroll Data in Excel.
    • Alternatively, open the report you want to export, at the top of the report click Export, and select the desired destination and type.

    If necessary, follow the prompts to enable macros in Excel. When macros are enabled, the QuickBooks Payroll Reports Workbook window opens.

    In Excel, enter a date range, and click to clear any optional worksheets you want to exclude from the QuickBooks Payroll Reports Workbook.

    To include or exclude reports in the workbook, in the Optional Reports section, select or click to clear the appropriate checkboxes. For example, you may want to include only the payroll data you need to complete your state tax forms.

    To customize any of your workbook settings, click Options/Settings. Select or click to clear the appropriate checkboxes, and click OK.

    To retrieve the payroll data from QuickBooks, click Get QuickBooks Data. The workbook displays the data.

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