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    Opening Payroll Setup returns system error message

    Article ID: 1000006


    If an employee name has a special character, the following error message might be displayed when trying to open Payroll Setup:
    System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Length cannot be less than zero. Parameter name: length at System.String.Substring(Int32 startIndex, Int32 length) at UPS.DataModel.BusinessRules.PreprocessString(String src, DataRow row) at UPS.DataModel.WizardDataSet.PreprocessString(String src, DataRow dataRow) at Intuit.Forms.Validation.DataRowValidator.ValidateField(String fieldName, Boolean validate, String stringValue, ValidationType valType, RequiredType reqType, DataRowValidatorDelegate drvDelegate, Object drvDelegateParam) at UPS.DataModel.SetupEmployee.a(Hashtable A_0) at UPS.DataModel.SetupEmployee.OnQBLoadedEmployee() at UPS.DataModel.WizardDataSet.OnQBLoadedDataSet() at UPS.Forms.SDKReaderWriter.a() at UPS.Forms.SDKReaderWriter.Read(Lists lists) at DAM.UPSFactory.a(TextWriter A_0) at DAM.UPSFactory.RunPayrollInterview()

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to open Payroll Setup without errors.


    You have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.


    To eliminate the error message that appears when you open Payroll Setup:

    Search employee name records for any special characters.

    Delete any special characters found in employee names.

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