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With two choices for Payroll, you can choose exactly what you need. Plus, our services cost a third less than ADP and Paychex.

Basic Plus ADP & Paychex
Monthly Fee $ per
$ per
Typically $100+
per month1
Free Support Basic-check Plus-check APD & Paychex-check
Unlimited payrolls
each month
Free direct deposit
Instant check creation
Federal & State tax forms
completed for you
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Important disclaimers, disclosures and Compare Pricing Notes
1 Pricing based on 8/09 comparison of Intuit Online Payroll Plus and Basic vs Paychex small business category and the ADP Small Business Compliance package. Monthly fee based on 1 state for 1 employee running payroll on a bi-weekly basis. With Intuit Online Payroll, you create paychecks yourself and handle tax forms and filings, whereas with ADP and Paychex, the entire payroll processing, creating paychecks and tax forms and filings are handled by ADP and Paychex. Prices may vary by state and number of employees.