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Payroll done for you in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

(Requires QuickBooks 2013 or newer)

  • Instant, accurate paychecks
  • Payroll taxes and filings done for you
  • No tax penalties, guaranteed
  • Free live expert support

Intuit QuickBooks Assisted Payroll

20% Off1

$99 $79/month + $2/employee per payroll

M-F 6am-6pm PT


See how Intuit's payroll service can help you manage payroll

Pay Employee in QuickBooks

Just enter hours and QuickBooks instantly creates paychecks. Then print checks or use free direct deposit.

We do payroll taxes and filings for you

We handle your payroll tax payments and forms for you, guaranteed accurate and on-time.

Assisted Payroll Features

Payroll features

  • Instant paychecks or use free direct deposit
  • Payroll tax payments and filings done for you
  • No tax penalties guaranteed
  • Free support from payroll experts
  • Costs less than outsourcing
  • Seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks

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    Customer Stories

    Here's what Assisted Payroll customers are saying

    "The customer service is awesome!!! I have never had a negative response to any of my requests."

    Brends C. Speece
    Children's Homes of Iredell County, Inc.

    "The cost of Assisted Payroll is very low. I appreciate not having to prepare my own tax reports, but more importantly, I like that Intuit handles any government payroll inquiries on our behalf."

    Joseph Powell
    The Apple Organization

    "It is very easy to use and the customer service is excellent. It is also really nice not to have to worry about doing to taxes."

    Josalyn Dean
    Ed's Plumming Service

    "Simple to use... I still maintain control of payroll but all government reporting and tax payments are handled by Intuit freeing up my time to focus on revenue producing activities."

    Steve Macgregor
    House Doctors Handyman Service


    General Information

    Q: Will the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010 affect my payroll?

    A: All the changes from this legislation have already been incorporated into Payroll Assisted. Our team of compliance professionals works with tax authorities to ensure our customers always have the latest tax tables and forms.

    QuickBooks also checks our tax database for updates whenever you do payroll.

    Q: How does Payroll Assisted work?

    A: Payroll Assisted is a payroll management service that handles payroll taxes and filings for you, while you easily pay employees within QuickBooks.

    Before your first payday, you enter hourly pay rates and salaries for employees, which you can update at any time.

    To pay employees, enter hours worked by each hourly employee and click a box for each salaried employee. QuickBooks instantly calculates the correct paychecks, and lists all the deductions and taxes withheld.

    Then you can print paychecks yourself or use our free Direct Deposit.

    After each payroll, you submit your data to Intuit, and we use it to make your payroll tax payments and file your tax forms. We guarantee that these will be accurate and on time.1

    If you need help, just pick up the phone. With Payroll Assisted, you get support from managed payroll specialists for all your setup and use questions.2 And if an issue does come up, Intuit will help resolve it for you.3

    Q: How does integration with QuickBooks make things easier?

    A: Since Payroll Assisted works within QuickBooks, there's no double entry and no exporting or importing files. QuickBooks Payroll Assisted software lets you manage all your business finances and payroll in one place.

    Q: Can I switch to Payroll Assisted mid-year?

    A: Yes, you can start using Payroll Assisted anytime.

    Q: What if I need help?

    A: You can call our payroll specialists M-F 6am-6pm PST. With Payroll Assisted, you get free, live support from payroll specialists for all your setup and use questions.2

    Q: What if I'm not satisfied with Payroll Assisted?

    A: With Payroll Assisted, there's no contract and you can cancel anytime.

    Getting Started

    Q: How do I get started?

    A: Just subscribe to Payroll Assisted - you'll automatically activate the Payroll Assisted features in QuickBooks.

    Q: How long does it take?

    A: It depends on the number of employees, but our setup is designed to be so easy you can start running payroll quickly, even the same day.

    Q: What else will I need to use Payroll Assisted?

    Payroll Assisted requires QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2011 or newer or QuickBooks Enterprise version 11.0 or higher.

    You'll also need Internet access so Payroll Assisted can download the latest payroll tax rates.

    The federal government requires every person or company paying wages to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Employers must include it on all federal forms and returns. To apply for an EIN, visit the IRS Web site at http://www.irs.gov.

    Paying Employees

    Q: Does Payroll Assisted handle both hourly and salaried employees?


    Q: How do I pay my employees?

    A: Just enter employees' hours, and Payroll Assisted will calculate paychecks, subtracting payroll taxes and deductions.

    Then print paychecks instantly or use our free Direct Deposit.

    You can also pay groups of employees on different days. For example, you may pay salaried employees monthly, while paying hourly employees every two weeks.

    Q: What about bonuses, commissions, and overtime?

    Payroll Assisted handles all of these, plus many other wage types.

    Q: Is there a limit to how many employees I can pay using Payroll Assisted?

    A: There's no limit for small businesses.  However performance may be slower if you have more than 50 employees. You can add or delete employees from Payroll Assisted at any time, with no fees.

    Q: Can I pay contractors and produce 1099s?

    A: Yes. Even without adding payroll, you can use QuickBooks to handle 1099 contractors. Set up contractors as vendors, write checks, and produce 1099s at year-end.

    Forms 1099-MISC and 1096 are not available in QuickBooks Simple Start. Direct Deposit is not available for 1099 contractors.

    Direct Deposit

    Q: Can I pay employees using direct deposit?

    A: Yes. You can deposit pay into U.S. bank accounts or Intuit Pay Cards (ATM/debit cards that don't require bank accounts) with Intuit's Direct Deposit.

    With our flexible Direct Deposit, you can add or remove an employee, or edit their banking information, anytime. You can also choose to pay some employees by direct deposit and others by check.

    You must send Direct Deposit transactions to us by 5pm (Pacific Time) two business banking days before the paycheck date. You can deposit paychecks into up to two different accounts per employee.

    Q: How much does Direct Deposit cost?

    A: Direct Deposit is provided at no additional cost for your convenience. By using Direct Deposit, you no longer need to print pay stubs, since employees can view their paystubs online.

    Note: Some banks may charge a per-transaction fee. Please check with your bank for any charges that might apply when you use our Direct Deposit.

    Taxes and Forms

    Q: How does Payroll Assisted handle my payroll tax payments and forms?

    A: After you have finished running payroll, simply submit your payroll data to our service with a few clicks, and we'll do the rest.

    Q: Does Payroll Assisted track local payroll taxes?

    A: Payroll Assisted tracks a limited number of local payroll tax rates (see http://web.intuit.com/quickbooks/products/tax/localtax1.html to see our supported local tax rates). If your local taxes aren't supported, you can still set up Payroll to handle them - you'll need to enter the tax rates manually and file the local forms.

    Benefits and Deductions

    Q: Which benefits and deductions does Payroll Assisted handle?

    A: Payroll Assisted tracks vacation time, sick time, paid time off, medical and dental insurance, 401(k) and other retirement plans, cash advances, and more. You can choose different deductions for different employees.

    Q: Does it track workers' compensation?

    A: Yes. Payroll Assisted helps you apply the right workers' compensation codes, so you can generate detailed reports of exactly how much you owe.4 You can also use our pay-as-you-go workers' compensation service to automatically pay exactly what you owe each pay day. (Extra fees apply.)


    Q: How much does Assisted Payroll cost?

    A: We offer a 20% discount for new customers for the first year. You will pay $79/month and $2 per employee per pay period for the first year. After the first year you will pay $99 per month and $2 per employee per pay period.

    Additional fees apply to optional services: amended payroll tax returns, direct deposit reversals, nonsufficient funds, and other extraordinary situations.

    Please call for more details.

    Important disclaimers, disclosures and FAQ Disclaimers
    1 If the data you provide is accurate, on time, and your account is sufficiently funded, your payroll tax deposits and filings will be on time and accurate or we'll pay the resulting payroll tax penalty.
    2 Available Monday through Friday, 6AM to 6PM Pacific Time. Available for US customers with active subscriptions. Support is limited to setup and usage questions. Intuit reserves the right to limit the length of each contact. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change at anytime without notice.
    3 Additional fees may apply. If you receive a notice about a discrepancy during a time period when you were on our service, our tax specialists will research the case and work directly with the agency to provide proof of payment or filing on your behalf. If you receive notification of a tax error or penalty from a filing prior to when you were on our service, your prior provider will be responsible for correcting the problem. For more information on our issue resolution services, please visit www.payroll.com/tax.
    4 The Workers' compensation feature is not available in QuickBooks Simple Start.

    Instant & Accurate Taxes

    Intuit Payroll uses the latest tax rates, so we guarantee all calculations are accurate. In the unlikely event that any tax calculations are incorrect, Intuit will pay any resulting penalties.

    Important disclaimers, disclosures and notes
    1  You will receive a 20% discount off your monthly service fees for the earlier of 12 months, or until you cancel. Thereafter, you will automatically be charged at the then-current rate, until you cancel. You will be charged $2.00 per pay period for each employee you pay. For Assisted Payroll, pricing includes 1 state. If you file taxes in more than one state, each additional state is currently $12/month. Plus sales tax where applicable. Check stock sold separately. To cancel Assisted Payroll, call 1-888-712-9702. This limited time offer is valid for new Intuit Payroll subscribers only and cannot be combined with other offers.

    Your subscription will automatically renew each month at the then-current price using the billing info we have on file at the time of your renewal, unless you cancel. Call us anytime at (888) 712 9702 to cancel. Subscription, Internet access, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier 2011 or newer or QuickBooks Enterprise version 11.0 or higher required, sold separately. Click here for additional terms, conditions and limitations. Terms, conditions, features, availability, pricing, fees, service and support options subject to change without notice.
    We assume responsibility for federal and state payroll filings and payments directly from your account(s) based on the data you supply. As long as the information you provide us is accurate and on time, and you have sufficient funds in your account, we'll file your tax forms and payments accurately and on time or we'll pay the resulting payroll tax penalties. Guarantee terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without notice.
    35% annual savings based on 11/10 ten-state comparison of Intuit QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Service vs. ADP Essential Payroll for 5-10 employee business running payroll bi-weekly (excludes fees for setup, direct deposit or W-2's). With Intuit QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Service, you can create paychecks yourself within QuickBooks and Intuit handles tax forms and filings for you, whereas with ADP, the entire payroll processing, creating paychecks and tax forms and filings are handled by ADP. Prices may vary by state and number of employees.