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Full Service Payroll starter’s guide

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Your roadmap to running your first payroll


Payroll setup checklist


Depending on your business, you’ll need most of the information listed below, and you should be able to find it using your own records, previous payroll providers (if applicable), or from federal and state agencies.


Start with your company

Business name, address, and phone number

Tax filing name and address (if you use a different name and address for filing with the IRS)

Add your employees

Basic info: legal name, birthday, hire date, home address, email address, and tax withholding (you can find this on their I-9 and W-4 forms)

Earnings: Pay rate (hourly, salary, etc.) and pay schedule (weekly, biweekly, etc.)

Benefits & deductions: Any health insurance, retirement and bonuses

Direct deposit: Add bank account and routing number for free 24-hour Direct Deposit (optional)

Enter tax information

Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and deposit schedule

State tax account numbers and withholding deposit schedule, and state unemployment insurance rate 
(Tip: This isn’t required for setup, but you’ll need it before you file taxes. If you don’t know this info, see how to contact your state here)

Connect your bank

Company bank account for direct deposit or electronic tax payments

Principal Officer legal name, social security number, birthday, and home address

E-sign forms

Your Principal Officer (someone who can legally sign forms for your company) will e-sign forms transferring payroll liability to us. We’ll need their legal name, social security number, birthday, and home address for this step.

Send us prior payroll info

If you've already paid employees this calendar year, our onboarding specialists will need the amounts so we can accurately calculate new paychecks and complete your tax forms.


Total payment amounts for each employee you’ve paid this year (including quarterly and year-to-date totals)

Copies or summary of all payroll tax payments you’ve made this year

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