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Instant paychecks & tax calculations with free live support from payroll experts.

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Just enter employee hours and get instant, accurate paychecks. Print the checks yourself or use free 24-hour direct deposit.


Stay ready for tax time

View automatic tax calculations and run reports for your accountant to save time during tax season.

Basic Payroll features

Included with Payroll

  • Instant paychecks for W-2 employees.
  • Automatic tax calculations.
  • No tax forms included - create reports for your accountant for tax filings.
  • Free direct deposit.
  • Free live support from experts.

Additional Services

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Annual Billing


$ 290 $ 261  /year


+ $2/employee per month

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20% OFF for 6 months

+ $2/employee per month

Frequently asked questions

How much data does the TSheets app use?

Q: What do I need to be able to use Basic Payroll?


A: You'll need Internet access so Basic Payroll can download the latest payroll tax rates for your automatic paycheck calculations.


Also, the federal government requires every person or company paying wages to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Employers must include it on all federal forms and returns. You can apply for an EIN and get it immediately at the IRS Web site at http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Apply-for-an-Employer-Identification-Number-(EIN)-Online/


If you want to use Basic Payroll with QuickBooks Desktop, you will need QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2016 or newer. Basic Payroll Online will work alone or with QuickBooks Online. The signup process will guide you into the right version for you.


Q: Can I switch to Basic Payroll mid-year?


A: Yes. But, if you've already paid employees this year, you'll need to enter your year-to-date payroll history, so our calculations are correct. Our step-by step guide can help you.


If you're paying employees for the first time this year, there's no payroll history to enter. So, it?s easy to get started.

Paying Employees


Q: Does Basic Payroll handle both hourly and salaried employees?


A: Yes.


Q: What about bonuses, commissions, and overtime?


A: Basic Payroll handles all of these, plus other many other wage types.


Q: How do I pay my employees?


A: Just enter employees' hours, and Basic Payroll will calculate paychecks, subtracting payroll taxes and deductions. Then print paychecks instantly or use our convenient Direct Deposit. You can also pay groups of employees on different days. For example, you may pay salaried employees monthly, while paying hourly employees every two weeks.

Direct Deposit


Q: Can I pay employees using direct deposit?


A: You can deposit pay into U.S. bank accounts with Intuit's Direct Deposit. You can also deposit pay to Intuit Pay Cards (ATM/debit cards that don't require bank accounts). With our flexible Direct Deposit, you can add or remove an employee, or edit their banking information, anytime. You can also choose to pay some employees by direct deposit and others by check. You must send Direct Deposit transactions to us by 5pm (Pacific Time) two business banking days before the paycheck date. You can deposit paychecks into up to two different accounts per employee. By using Direct Deposit, you no longer need to print pay stubs, since employees can view their paystubs online.



Q: How much does Direct Deposit cost?


A: Direct Deposit is free with your subscription to Basic Payroll. By using Direct Deposit, you no longer need to print pay stubs, since employees can view their paystubs online.

Payroll Taxes


Q: How does Basic Payroll help me with payroll taxes?


A: Basic Payroll tracks federal and state payroll taxes for paycheck calculations only. However, Basic Payroll does not include any tax forms (choose Enhanced Payroll for this feature). With Basic Payroll, you can generate reports and work with your accountant on taxes.

Benefits and Deductions


Q: Which benefits and deductions does Basic Payroll handle?


A: Basic Payroll tracks vacation time, sick time, paid time off, medical and dental insurance, 401(k) and other retirement plans, cash advances, and more. You can choose different deductions for different employees.



Q: How is my data protected?


A: On paydays, all online transactions are protected using the same kind of encryption used by leading banks.

Working with Your Accountant


Q: How do I share data with my accountant?


A: You can e-mail reports and your company files to your accountant.

Important offers, pricing details, & disclaimers

After your Intuit Payroll 30 day free trial, you will receive a 20% discount on your monthly service fees for six months of your subscription. After the 6 months, you will be automatically charged at the then-current fee for the service(s) you have selected, unless you cancel. Each employee you pay is an additional $4/month. Pay up to 150 employees. Enhanced includes 1 state. If you file taxes in more than one state, each additional state is currently $12/month. Sales tax may be applied where applicable.

You may cancel at any time online within your payroll account (click the Setup tab then click Cancel Service) or by calling 1-866-729-2925. This limited time offer is valid for new Intuit Payroll subscribers only and cannot be combined with other offers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.

Active subscription, Internet access, Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), and U.S. billing address required. Pricing varies depending on number of employees. With Enhanced Payroll, the E-File & Pay feature is available for federal and most state forms and taxes. You may need to register with tax agencies in order to use E-File & Pay. Check stock sold separately. Plus sales tax where applicable. Enhanced Payroll subscriptions in QuickBooks require QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks for Mac, QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier 2016 or newer or QuickBooks Enterprise version 11.0 or higher (updated to the most current maintenance release). Click here for additional terms, conditions and limitations.

QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll offer valid for new QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll customers only. 20% off applies to the monthly service fee for QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll only, and does not apply to the per employee fee. Discount applies to the first 6 months of service, starting at sign up. Staring at month 7, your account will be automatically charged at the then-current monthly service fee for QuickBooks Desktop Basic Payroll. If you’ve selected to add payroll, each employee you pay is at a per employee cost at the stated rate, to a limit of 150 employees. Offers not applicable with a free trial. Offer valid March 1, 2018 through January 2, 2019 at 11:59 pm PT. To take advantage of this special offer, you must purchase via this website. Requires QuickBooks 2016 and above (sold separately). Terms, conditions, features, service and support options are subject to change without notice.