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Workers' Comp Service





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1. Determine the requirements for your state.

Most states require workers' compensation insurance—in some states, you purchase directly from the state. Find my state’s requirements.



2. Set up Payroll.

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Note: A monthly fee of $5 may be added to your payroll bill for connection to the payment service.



3. Get a Quote.

Fill out this simple form and our broker, AP Intego, will contact you within one business day, to help find the most competitive plans for your exact needs. 



4. Pick a Plan.

Once you choose a plan, AP Intego sets you up (or helps you switch plans) so your workers’ comp is linked to Intuit Payroll. You pay only what’s needed, whenever you run payroll.


Set up. Or switch.

Then focus on running your business.



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Get these 5 perks with the
Workers' Comp Payment Service 



Pay only what you owe as you go so you can free up valuable cash flow


No guesswork or estimates on annual payroll


Accurate calculations eliminate chance for penalties


Automatic premium payments so you don't miss deadlines


We compare options to get you the best insurance values




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What our customers are saying



"I switched from ADP 6 years ago and am amazed at how easy Intuit is. I can do a complete payroll in less than 5 minutes."


Naomi K.   Society of Young Inklings



"We previously had a traditional workers’ comp policy where we had to pay an estimated amount annually-- that was such a hassle. Now, the Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service is a great alternative."


Jon C.   Corey, Canapary & Galanis



"The Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service takes out workers’ comp every week based on our actual payroll hours. It’s really nice-- it’s kind of like a just-in-time insurance payment. I don’t have to deal with it. I know everything is covered and up to date."


Randi S.   Big Frog Custom T-shirts & More



"The Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service is easy to use, fast, and helpful. It makes life much easier for a small business."


Jordan C.   Dogwood Dental



"The Intuit Workers’ Comp Payment Service allows me to pay premiums using accurate and up-to-date payroll data on a monthly basis, without the fear of a huge bill at the end of the year!"


Alice A.   Robert Agnello Custom Painting & Remodeling



Frequently Asked Questions




  • New to Workers Comp

  • Intuit Workers Comp

  • Current Customers

    What is workers comp?

    Workers’ compensation insurance is coverage to protect yourself as an employer from the financial risk of one of your employee’s being injured on the job. This insurance covers not only the employee’s medical bills but often times, lost wages and legal expenses associated with the specific case.

    What type of losses does workers’ comp cover?

    Injuries or loss of limbs, repetitive motion injuries, work site accidents, medical treatment, rehabilitation needed so workers can return to work, lost wages (up to two-thirds of the employee’s salary), death, and liability insurance for the company for lawsuits filed by injured employees.

    Who is required to have workers’ comp?

    All employers (except those in Texas) are required by law to have workers’ comp for their employees.

    As an employer, where do I get worker’s comp for my employees?

    Four states require that you get your workers’ comp insurance directly from the state: North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. In all other states, you can go to the state for workers’ comp insurance or get it through a private insurance provider. Intuit partners with an insurance broker, AP Intego, to help Intuit Payroll customers find workers’ comp.

    How much does workers’ comp cost?

    It depends—your workers’ comp policy is unique to your business and depends on many different factors. These include your industry, amount you pay your employees, number of employees, where your employees work, and what they do every day.

    What are my options for paying for workers’ comp?

    1) Traditional workers’ comp.  This kind of plan requires that you estimate your payroll for the coming year—a premium is then calculated based on this information and you pay a large portion of this premium up front.

    2) Pay-as-you-go (aka payment service). This kind of plan lets you send your premium payments to your workers’ comp carrier based on your actual payroll info—no guesswork needed! Intuit Workers' Comp Payment Service works this way, letting you connect your workers’ comp directly to Intuit Payroll.

    What are the penalties for not having workers’ comp?

    There are severe consequences for businesses that don’t have workers’ comp insurance. These consequences include (but are not limited to) heavy fines, exposure to lawsuits, and forced closure of your business.


Do I pay any fees?

Only a modest $5 monthly fee for use of the Intuit Workers' Comp Payment Service, regardless of how many employees or size of payroll. This non-refundable fee will be seamlessly added to your invoice from Intuit and is separate from any premium charged for the workers' comp insurance policy by AP Intego Insurance Group. There is no additional charge if you are an Assisted Payroll customer and Full Service Payroll customer. The Workers' Compensation Payment Service is not available during any trial period of your payroll product, if offered. The Workers' Compensation Service requires a paid Intuit payroll subscription.

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