E-file 1099s:
Easy, Accurate & On Time


  • 1099 Forms filled-in with your data
  • Email or print copies for contractors
  • Flexible pricing, pay only when you use


3 Easy Steps to File 1099 Online

e-file 1099 step 1: fill in 1099 forms

1. Fill in 1099 forms

  • Use our step-by-step system
  • Import from QuickBooks
  • Auto-fill with Intuit Payroll


e-file 1099 step 2: provide contractor forms

2. Provide contractor forms

  • Create 1099 forms for contractors
  • Email or print contractor copies
  • Download for your records
e-file 1099 step 3: file 1099 online with the IRS

3. E-file with the IRS

  • File 1099 online - even on deadline day
  • No paper, stamps or mailings

Avoid late nights and late forms

1099 E-File Service

Starting at

$ 14 99


Includes 3 forms

Additional forms $3.99 each


Service re-opens Jan 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1099 E-file cost?


The service starts at $14.99, and includes creation and e-filing of up to three 1099-MISC forms. 

After three, the price is $3.99 for each additional form. If you have more than 20 forms, we’ll include them at no additional charge. (Prior to January 17th, we offer an early bird discount starting at $12.99 and $2.99 for each additional form). 


What are the key 1099 deadlines?

January 1: 1099 E-File Service opens

January 31: Deadline for providing contractors with 1099-MISC copies

January 31: IRS deadline for submitting paper 1099-MISC forms

January 31: IRS deadline for e-filing 1099-MISC forms. (If you’re e-filing with the Intuit E-file Service, we recommend that you submit forms by Jan 30 at the latest so they can be processed by the new IRS due date on Jan 31.)

How do I get copies to my contractors?

Intuit 1099 E-File Service creates PDF copies for all your forms. Once completed you can email or print and mail them to your contractors.


Note: If you use QuickBooks Online, Intuit will send online and printed copies to your contractors after you e-file.

How is my copy sent to the IRS?


We are an approved IRS e-file provider, and we will transmit the form securely and electronically for you.

What if I use QuickBooks? Can I bring over my data?

Great question!


Yes, you can easily bring over your data if you use QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials or Plus.  To start, go to Workers, select the Contractors tab and then select the Prepare 1099s button. 


Once you prepare your 1099s, we can e-file with the IRS for you and deliver online and printed copies directly to your contractors.

As an accountant, can I file for multiple clients?


Accountants who use Intuit Online Payroll for Accounting Professionals can file for multiple clients at the discounted price of $15 per client. This includes unlimited 1099-MISC forms for each client on the online payroll service. In addition to filing for current payroll clients, accountants can add “1099-only” clients during the tax filing season. 


Which 1099 forms and boxes are supported?


At this time, we only support 1099-MISC forms. We include support for boxes 1-14. 


What about state forms?


Check with your state to see if you need to file 1099-MISC info with them.


What about the 1096?


Great news…the 1096 is not required when you e-file. One less piece of paper!


Don’t I need to buy those special pre-printed forms with the red ink?


Nope! That’s a big advantage of e-filing—you can send your forms electronically.



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