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    Kentucky Surcharge Tax for 2014 - Intuit Online Payroll Services

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    The Kentucky Division of Unemployment Insurance is implementing a new surcharge tax effective January 1, 2014, due to legislation enacted by the Kentucky Legislature allowing the creation of a surcharge tax in order to pay interest due on Federal loans taken under Title XII of the Social Security Act.  Click here to see an example of the letter sent to employers in August 2013.

    You may be affected if you are an employer who pays wages in the state of Kentucky and have an active Intuit Payroll subscription.

    Are these changes being supported in Intuit's products and services?


    Intuit Full Service Payroll:

    Intuit Full Service Payroll implemented the new surcharge tax in the December release, 2013R12.1.

    Intuit Online Payroll:

    Intuit Online Payroll implemented the new surcharge tax in the December release, 2013R12.1.
    We encourage you to revisit this article periodically for any updates and additional details.

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