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    ViewMyPaycheck 2: New QuickBooks Online Payroll FAQs

    Article ID: 2001630


    Following are common questions many employers, their employees, and accountants have about ViewMyPaycheck.

    These FAQs are for employers using QuickBooks Online Payroll product. If you use the QuickBooks for Windows (Enhanced or Assisted Payroll) product, check ViewMyPaycheck 2: QuickBooks for Windows Employers instead.

    Understanding the Basics

    What is it?

    ViewMyPaycheck is a website (https://paychecks.intuit.com) that makes it easy for employers to give employees 24/7 online access to their own paycheck info. No more printing and mailing pay stubs every payday or replacing lost or damaged pay stubs. Employees can simply sign in to their ViewMyPaycheck account and see any current or prior pay stubs.

    Here's an example of what employees would see:

    ViewMyPaycheck Home page (employees)

    How does it work?

    Employers who are set up for ViewMyPaycheck simply run their payroll in QuickBooks Online Payroll and the paycheck info is securely uploaded to Intuit's servers.

    Once the paycheck info is on Intuit's servers, employees can use their sign-in credentials to access the ViewMyPaycheck website and see their current and any prior pay stubs that have been uploaded.

    What are the browser or system requirements?

    ViewMyPaycheck works best in the following browsers:

    • Internet Explorer (IE) 9 or later
    • Chrome
    • FireFox
    • Safari

    How much does ViewMyPaycheck cost?

    ViewMyPaycheck is included in the cost of your QuickBooks Online Payroll subscription and is FREE for your employees!

    Is there a mobile app for ViewMyPaycheck?

    Currently we don't offer a native mobile app you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

    However, ViewMyPaycheck is optimized for mobile devices. Just open your mobile browser and go to https://paychecks.intuit.com/

    Signing Up & Signing In

    How do I sign up for ViewMyPaycheck?


    If you're subscribed to the new version of QuickBooks Online Payroll, you don't need to do anything. Just have your employees sign up at https://paychecks.intuit.com.



    Before you sign up:

    • Check with your employer to see if ViewMyPaycheck is available for your company.
    • Make sure you have your Social Security number (SSN) handy and the net amount of your last paycheck issued by the company. The net amount is your take-home pay. We'll need this info to verify who you are and match you with the correct company and paycheck info.
    To sign up:
    1. Go to ViewMyPaycheck (https://paychecks.intuit.com/).
    2. Click Sign Up.
    3. Sign up for an Intuit account. An Intuit account allows you to access multiple sites and products with one user ID and password.
      You'll be asked to provide an email address, a password, and a security question and answer, in case you need to recover your password.
      Note: If you already use an Intuit product, such as TurboTax, then you may already have an Intuit account. If you already have one, we'll prompt you to use that account to sign up for ViewMyPaycheck.
    4. Enter your SSN and the net pay amount from your last paycheck issued by the company and then click All Done!

    How do I set up ViewMyPaycheck for my employees?

    To do so:

    1. Run payroll in QuickBooks Online Payroll. Before employees can access their pay stubs in ViewMyPaycheck, you need to create paychecks in your QuickBooks Online Payroll account.
    2. Let your employees know they can access their paychecks online and send them these sign-up instructions (PDF).

    Do I need to sign in with my Intuit account?

    An Intuit account allows you to access multiple Intuit sites and products with one user ID and password. For example, an Intuit account can be used to access sites like TurboTax and ViewMyPaycheck.
    When you sign in to ViewMyPaycheck, you'll be asked to enter an email address and password. If an Intuit account has already been set up for that email address, you'll be prompted to sign in with that Intuit account. If not, you'll need to create an Intuit account.

    Sign up for an Intuit account

    How do I add another ViewMyPaycheck administrator?

    If you're the Payroll Administrator for your QuickBooks Online Payroll company, you'll have administrator access in ViewMyPaycheck. You can also grant ViewMyPaycheck administrator access to others.

    To do so:

    1. Sign in to ViewMyPaycheck (https://paychecks.intuit.com/).
    2. Click the Invite Administrator arrow and enter the name and email address for the person you want to add as ViewMyPaycheck.

      Add ViewMyPaycheck administrator
    3. Click Send Email Invitation. An email invitation is sent to the person at the email address you entered. You'll also receive a 6-digit code that you need to give to the new ViewMyPaycheck administrator to complete the process.

    4. Give the the 6-digit code to the new administrator to enter in the email invitation.

    Just received a ViewMyPaycheck administrator invitation. What do I do?

    If you receive ViewMyPaycheck administrator email invitation, do the following:
    1. Make sure you have the 6-digit code we sent to the payroll administrator who emailed the ViewMyPaycheck invitation.
      Note: The 6-digit code won't be in the email invitation. You'll receive it directly from your payroll administrator (or the person who initiated the invitation).
    2. Open the invitation email and follow the instructions.

    Are there printable sign-up instructions for employees?

    Yes! Send your employees these instructions (PDF) for signing up and using ViewMyPaycheck.

    Working in ViewMyPaycheck

    What can I do in ViewMyPaycheck?

    Employees can view the most recent and any prior pay stub that their employer uploads to ViewMyPaycheck. Here's an example of what employees might see:

    • ViewMyPaycheck itemizes current and year-to-date earnings and deductions so you always know how your paycheck was calculated and where your money is going.
    • Need a printed copy of your pay stub? No problem. Click Save As PDF to save a PDF copy of it to your computer and then print it for your records.
    • If you want to be notified any time a new pay stub is uploaded to ViewMyPaycheck, go to Preferences and click the Send me an email when new pay stubs are available checkbox.

    Employers (ViewMyPaycheck administrators) can also set preferences for their employees. For example, you can set preferences that:
    • Show or hide paychecks that dated in the future. If you hide paychecks dated in the future, you can control when paychecks show up in ViewMyPaycheck.
    • Prevent employees from using ViewMyPaycheck to view their paychecks online.
    • Invite others as ViewMyPaycheck administrators for your company.

    Can I try it out first?

    You bet! Just go to ViewMyPaycheck Test Drive. You'll be using a test account, so you don't need to enter any sign-in credentials.

    How do I get paycheck info from QuickBooks Online Payroll to ViewMyPaycheck?

    All you need to do is run your payroll in QuickBooks Online Payroll and the paycheck info will be available in ViewMyPaycheck.

    Can employees view paychecks from more than one company?

    Yes! If an employee works for more than one employer who has set up their company for ViewMyPaycheck, then the employee can use the same Intuit account to view paychecks from multiple companies.

    Before adding a company to ViewMyPaycheck, employees must (1) sign up for ViewMyPaycheck for the first company (see these sign-up instructions, PDF) (2) have their Social Security number (SSN) and the net amount of their last paycheck issued by the company they want to add.

    To add another company to ViewMyPaycheck:
    1. Sign in to ViewMyPaycheck (https://paychecks.intuit.com/).
    2. Click the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the ViewPaycheck window and choose View my paychecks from another company.

    3. Enter your SSN and the net pay amount from your last paycheck issued by the company.
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions to add the company to ViewMyPaycheck.
    After you add the company, you can sign in to ViewMyPaycheck with one user ID and password and then use the drop-down in the upper-right corner of the ViewMyPaycheck window to switch between the companies.

    Is there a mobile app?

    Currently we don't offer a native mobile app you can download from the App Store or Google Play. However, ViewMyPaycheck is optimized for mobile devices. Just open your mobile browser and go to https://paychecks.intuit.com/.

    Getting Help

    What if I have questions about using ViewMyPaycheck?

    If you have questions about using ViewMyPaycheck,click the question mark icons (?) available on the ViewMyPaycheck website.

    You can also contact an agent via live chat Monday through Friday, 6am to 6pm. In ViewMyPaycheck, you can click Support at the top of the window and then click the chat button to start a session.

    What if I have questions about paycheck amounts or calculations?

    Employees who have questions about their paychecks, including how it's calculated, what shows up on the pay stubs, or when the money is deposited in the bank should contact their employer.

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