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    Georgia Withholding 2013

    Article ID: 2001554


    The Georgia Department of Revenue released new withholding tables for 2013 that included changes to the Personal Allowances on Table E of the Percentage Method for Employee Withholding. In the February payroll update release the withholding calclulations will be adjusted for the Married Filing Joint Return filer status.


    You are an employer who pays wages in the State of Georgia and have an active Intuit Payroll subscription.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When Will these changes be available in QuickBooks?

    The changes will be included in the Payroll Service Update 21306 scheduled for release on February 14th, 2013.

    What do I need to do next?

    Download payroll Update 21306 as soon as it is released. This payroll update will include the changes to the withholding calculations. If you have Automatic updates turned on and have selected all updates to download automatically, your QuickBooks software will download and install the update for you. If you do not have Automatic Updates turned on, you can download this payroll update manually. For more information on how to download and install a Payroll Update, Click Here.

    What if I subscribe to Disk Delivery service?

    • The next disk delivery is scheduled for late March and will inlclude this update.
    • We highly recommend that you download and install the payroll update if you have internet access. QuickBooks software downloads and installs the update for you if you have automated updates turned on and have selected all updates to the download automatically. Click herefor more informaiton and instructions.

    Additional Frequently Asked Questions regarding the 2013 calculations in QuickBooks.

    Why are my employees 2013 tax withholding amounts different?

    1. The 2013 Georgia Percentage Method Tables Pg 40-43 are used in QuickBooks to figure the withholding on a paycheck. The agency added two personal allowance columns in 2013, Number (4) and (6). These new allowance amounts have changed the way Georgia withholding calculates in QuickBooks compared 2012 calculations. The married filing joint and married filing separate allowance amounts have both changed and the amounts have an annual cap of $7400.00 for Married Filing Joint and $3700.00 for Married Filing Separate. These amounts are used in the Percentage Method that QuickBooks uses and do impact the 2013 withholding amount on each check. In 2012 the amount was $2700.00 , so the change to anyone that indicates they want the Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Single will see a difference in 2013 because the increase is at least $1000.00 more of an allowance for each from the 2012 year allowance amount.
    2. In 2013 the agency issued a new G-4 (Revision Date 1/13) and it also has changes under Part 3. Marital Status selections. These changes could impact the withholding amount of an employee. The changes are on Status B. Status D. and E. Each of these no longer states to provide an allowance amount higher than 1. The prior G-4 allowed 2 for these categories. The marital status number indicated in your current QuickBooks with these three choices is used for the 2013 withholding calculation. If there is a "2" marked in the employees allowance field in QuickBooks the current tax calculation is using the capped annualized amount from the percentage method tables form page 40-43 of Georgia Tax Guide. These are different from 2012.
    3. If there are Dependent Allowances (from line 4 of the G-4 Form) marked in QuickBooks and they are not in the correct field can impact the way the withholding is calculated. The dependent allowance numbers should be in the field titled Number of Dependents; these should not be input to the field titled Allowance. The Allowance Field in QuickBooks is for the number that the employee has indicated from part 3. or the G-4 Form, the Marital Status selection and the agency shows the numbers would not be any higher than 1 or 2. Not the norm but if an employee has any additional allowances marked on line 5. from the G-4 form, they would go to the Allowance field in QuickBooks however, the agency percentage tables only allows for the annualized cap of allowance in the formula and that is used by QuickBooks.



    I have an employee whose GA Withholdings changed. This was not an across the board for all employees. Is this related to the tax table? What is the explanation and how can I find out if it is correct or how to fix?



    Hi Alice,

    Thanks for your comment. I understand how frustrating this is. The reason for the change could be due to the Employee setup and the new tax tables. Make sure you have the latest tax table and you have updated the Employee profile with the latest information from Georgia Form G-4. Check out the Georgia Department of Revenue website to get the most recent updated Georgia Form G-4.

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