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    Georgia state W-2 e-file help

    Article ID: 2001113


    Employers reporting 250 or more W-2s must submit them electronically. If you are required to pay the Georgia withholding electroncially, you must file the G-1003 and W-2s electronically.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to file your W-2s electronically with the Geogia Department of Revenue by the due date of February 28th.


    You have an Enhanced Payroll subscription.


    You can file your W-2s directly from QuickBooks:

    Go to Employees > Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s > Process Payroll Forms.

    On the Select Form Type Screen click the State Form radio button, then click OK. (In QuickBooks 2014: Skip to the next step.) 

    Select the GA State W-2 form to e-file

    In QuickBooks 2013 and earlier:
    1. Select GA from the State dropdown list.
    2. Highlight GA State W-2s - GA State W-2 Worksheet (E-file Only).
    3. Review the Select Filing Period year, and edit if necessary.
    4. Click OK.

    In QuickBooks 2014:
    1. In the File Forms section, select GA State W-2s - GA State W-2 Worksheet (E-file Only).
    2. If you do not see the form, click the Forms button, and select Make a New Form Active. Click the State dropdown button, and select GA. Select the form, and click Add Form.
    3. Click File Form.
    4. Review the SELECT FILING PERIOD year, and edit if necessary.
    5. Click OK.

    Complete the Georgia State W-2 Interview and verify your data

    1. Verify you have the current year version of the form.
    2. Click Next and complete the Company Interview.
    3. Click Next to scroll through each employee W-2 to reivew and verify your data.
    4. When you are ready to file your Georgia State W-2s, click Submit Form.

    On the Submit Form window, Click the E-file button

    On the Agency Login Information Screen, enter your e-mail address and contact phone number. Click Submit

    Within 24-48 hours, you should check the status of the form you submitted



    GA is NOT one of the state's that QB can create an electronic file for


    Jo Ann2/6/2013


    Hi Judy,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment. It looks like you are having trouble E-filing your George state W-2s from QuickBooks. I recommend downloading the latest payroll tax table update. I have updated this article to include this recommendation as step 1 in the process. I hope this helps. Thank you for posting a comment.


    Last year I had to upload a CSV file to Georgia for my G-1003. This year I e-filed through QuickBooks of both the G-1003 & the W-2 worksheet. Is this all I have to do to satisfy the State of Georgia? Does this mean I don't have to upload CSV file?




    Hi Janice,

    I'm from Intuit and saw your comment. You are correct, Georgia no longer require you to upload a CSV file for your G-1003. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for posting a comment!


    I have QBPro 2010 with enhanced payroll. I cannot e-file my GA-W2s because one of the employees has a green card and a SS# valid for employment only (Starts with 940). This is a valid number (I've already researched that). GA Dept. of Revenue stated to try all zeros (that did not work either). They also stated that all w2's with a valid ss# must be e-filed and to mail in the one with the employment ID. Well, QB won't let me e-file with all zeros either. So I don't know how to proceed from here. Can QB update it's software to allow ID's that start in the 900's?


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