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    Year-to-date (YTD) amounts on paychecks and pay stubs

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    How QuickBooks determines year-to-date amounts.


    How QuickBooks determines YTD amounts for new paychecks

    For new paychecks, QuickBooks determines the year-to-date amounts by the date of the paycheck, not the dates of the pay period. For example, if you write a paycheck dated January 3, 2013 to cover work done in December 2012, the year-to-date amounts are for 2013, not 2012.

    Year-to-date amounts on new paychecks are made up of the following:
    • The amounts on the current check
    • The amounts on all existing paychecks (checks created through either QuickBooks Payroll or Assisted Payroll services) for this employee for this calendar year
    • The amounts created as YTD summary transactions for this employee for this calendar year (from a YTD entry to summarize paychecks written before you started using QuickBooks' in-product payroll)

    Even though a paycheck may have multiple salary or hourly rates (perhaps for different jobs worked during this pay period), QuickBooks summarizes all salary or hourly items into 1 year-to-date amount by payroll item.  Remember, if you create new payroll items the year-to-date will reflect the amount for that payroll item only.

    How QuickBooks determines YTD amounts for existing paychecks

    When you first view detail for a paycheck created previously, the year-to-date amounts are those that were recorded when the paycheck was created. If you edit amounts on this paycheck, QuickBooks adjusts the corresponding year-to-date amounts on this paycheck. (However, a new check will show correct totals for the entire year.)

    Note: If the employee has existing paychecks with later dates, the year-to-date amounts on the new paycheck will include all paychecks for the year, even those with later dates, but only in the Preview Paycheck window. Upon recording the paycheck, all YTD totals will recalculate to show correctly on pay stubs and in the Review Paycheck window.

    How QuickBooks determines YTD amounts for pay stubs

    If you print a pay stub, the year-to-date amounts on the pay stub will match those on the paycheck up to and including the same pay period.

    If you create new payroll items the year-to-date will reflect the amount for that payroll item only.

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    My YTD totals on employees' paystubs stopped calcing correctly this week! Now for YTD total it is only the current week's payroll amounts showing. Tried the "file, utilities, rebuild data" as suggested as a fix by the QB community with no luck! Need help now please!! I have just had QB enhanced payroll downloaded about a month ago, but have used QB payroll basic for years. Is the new downl;oad corrupt and if so, what's the fix?


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