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    1099 E-File Service: QuickBooks Online setup, troubleshooting, & FAQs

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    With a few easy steps, you can now e-file your 1099 misc form instead of filing them manually. QuickBooks Online will sync up to the 1099 e-file set up and download your data.
    Note: When going to the next or previous step in any part of the process, use the available buttons in the page instead of using the browser navigation buttons.

    Setup & Pricing


    You are billed when you print or file your 1099-MISC forms. Early Bird discount pricing applies through 1/16/2015. For pricing info, see http://payroll.intuit.com/additional-services/1099/efile-1099/



    In the navigation bar, click Vendors.

    On the top right, click Prepare 1099s.

    The first step in preparing 1099 forms is to Set up Vendors and Accounts.
    First, select the vendors that are eligible for 1099s. Then, assign the accounts used to make vendor payments to the appropriate boxes on the 1099 form.

    The second step is to review your information. Make sure the correct Tax Year is selected and the vendor payment amounts are displayed and correct.

    The third step in preparing 1099-MISC forms gives you the option to either E-File or print 1099 forms.

    If you stopped at any point while verifying your 1099 information and wish to continue submitting your 1099 Forms, or if you want to add more 1099 Forms, follow the steps for returning to the 1099 E-File Service.

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    For new users:

    1. Click Turn on Intuit E-file Service.

    2. Click Get Started.

    3. Click Import Information.

    4. Verify your company information, and click Continue.

    The 1099 E-File Service will copy your company information from QuickBooks Online. Any information that can not be imported will be prompted for entry.
    Note: Your phone number must have 10 digits and must be entered without parenthesis or dashes.

    5. Enter your TIN (Tax Identification Number), and click OK.

    The 1099 E-FIle Service will always promt you to enter your TIN to make sure that the correct number is submitted with the 1099 forms. The filing name and address are usually imported from QBO.

    6. Click Import Information.

    7. Verify your 1099 Forms, and click Continue.

    Review your 1099 Forms and make sure that the information brought over from QuickBooks is correct. You may choose to select all or select only the 1099 forms you want to submit.

    Printing & E-filing

    8. Enter your billing information, and then click Approve.

    This information is not imported from QuickBooks Online, so first time users will be promted to enter billing infomation and choose your desired credit card. E-checks are not accepted with the 1099 E-File Service.
    Review the Number of forms, and the Total Amount, and then cick Approve.

    9. Download your 1099 forms, and click Continue.

    You can choose to download and email or print and mail your 1099 forms to contractors. If you choose to print, you can use plain paper. This is the final screen where you can review your data prior to submitting the forms.
    Note: Once you click Submit, the forms you have submitted can no longer be modified. You will still be able to submit additional forms up until the deadline.

    10. Click View to review the final form, and click Submit to send your 1099 Forms.

    Note: Paper Version of Copy A of Form 1099 is for your records ONLY. You should not print or mail this form to the IRS.
    11. Read your filing summary and be sure to follow the next steps.

    The 1099 E-File home page has links at the bottom that will let you carry out different tasks.

    Screenshots after clicking on the different links:
    • View status
    • View past forms
    • Company setting

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    Returning to the 1099 E-File Service:

    1. Click Update information.

    Notice that it will show the number of Forms in progress and Forms submitted.

    2. Verify and select the 1099 Forms you need to submit, and click Continue.

    3. Review your billing information, the Number of forms, and the Total amount. Click Approve to pay for the service.

    4. Download or print your 1099 Forms, and then click Continue.

    5. Click View to review the final form(s), and then click Submit to send your 1099 Forms.

    Note: Paper Version of Copy A of Form 1099 is for your records ONLY. You should not print or mail this form to the IRS.

    6. Read your filing summary and be sure to follow the next steps.


    Correct a reported payer name or tax identification number (TIN) on Forms 1099-MISC

    Issue: You have reported an incorrect payer name and/or tax identification number (TIN) on one or more of the Forms 1099-MISC you filed wuth the IRS.
    What to do:
    Intuit does not support corrections to Forms 1099-MISC. You're responsible for handling any errors to a recipient's 1099 form that has already been reported:
    • Provide the recipient with a corrected form.
    • Prepare and file the applicable corrected forms to the IRS and state tax agency.
    The IRS General Instructions for Certain Information Returns (Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, and W-2G) contains the information you'll need to prepare and file corrected 1099-MISC forms. Depending on the error, refer to the appropriate section of the document:
    • Incorrect payer name and/or TIN: Section F (Electronic Reporting), subsection "Reporting incorrect payer name and/or TIN"
    • Duplicate reporting or a large percentage of incorrect information: Section F (Electronic Reporting), subsection "Reporting incorrect payer name and/or TIN"
    • Other errors: Section H (Corrected Returns on Paper Forms), and error chart on the page following the end of Section H

    Can't sign in to Intuit App Center

    Issue: When signing in to Intuit App Center, it gives you a warning message: "The user ID or password is incorrect".
    What to do:
    • If you're not sure if you have an Intuit Account or the application says there is already an Intuit Account with your email address, use the Forgot User ID application.
      The Forgot User ID application retrieves any Intuit Account user IDs associated with the email address.
    • If you don't remember the password set for your Intuit Account user ID, use the Forgot Password application to reset it.
      If you don't know the answer to the security question, contact support at 1.800.450.8475.

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