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    Delete or void paychecks in Online Payroll

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    This article explains how to delete or void paychecks created through Intuit Online Payroll. Deleting a paycheck means to completely remove it from your account. Voiding a paycheck means to insert a negative entry which cancels out the original paycheck. In general, you can only delete two types of paychecks:
    • The most recent manual paycheck for an employee
    • The most recent direct deposit paycheck for an employee if it hasn't yet processed
    In most other cases, the paycheck will need to be voided. You're not able to void a paycheck yourself; this is a function Payroll Support will need to do it for you.
    Once a paycheck has been deleted or voided, our system will automatically recalculate your tax liabilities.


    • You cannot undo a paycheck deletion. To restore the paycheck, you'd need to recreate it.
    • Voiding a direct deposit paycheck or contractor payment does not reverse the money movement of the original transaction. It only adjusts your payroll records for accounting purposes. You generally need to have the employee or contractor reimburse you for the net pay amount.
    • There are several items to be aware of when deleting or voiding paychecks in prior periods (that is, in prior quarters for which you've already paid taxes and filed forms):
      • It will change your tax liabilities for those periods. You may owe additional, late tax payments that are subject to penalty and interest. You may also need to prepare and file amended forms. (Online Payroll doesn't support preparation of amended forms.)
      • If you intend to delete/void paychecks and then re-enter them, you'll generally be blocked from performing the re-entry yourself. Payroll Support would need to do it for you. (The blocking is due to state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax payments. If you pay SUI manually (non-electronically), you may be able to temporarily delete the payments, re-enter the paychecks, and recreate the payments.)
      • If you intend to delete/void paychecks for a prior year, you'll need to prepare and file amended annual forms, including federal Forms W-2 and 940. The affected employees would also need to prepare and file corrected versions of Form 1040.


    Delete an unapproved paycheck (Intuit Online Payroll Only)

    1. From the Approve Paychecks page, click Details to the right of the paycheck.
    2. Click Delete.
    3. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    Delete several unapproved paychecks at once (IOP Only)

    1. From the Approve Paychecks page, click undo them all now.
    2. Click Yes to confirm the deletion of all paychecks. 

    Note: QuickBooks Online Payroll doesnt have an unapprove check.

    Delete one or more approved paychecks

    Intuit Online Payroll
    1. Click Pay Day.
    2. Click Paycheck List.
    3. Select one or more paychecks to delete.
    4. Click Delete.
    5. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

    QuickBooks Online Payroll

    1. Click Employees on the left pane.
    2. Click Paycheck list under Run Payroll.
    3. Select one or more paychecks to delete.
    4. Click on Delete.
    5. Click Yes to confirm deletion.
    Note: You cannot delete a direct deposit paycheck that has processed. The paycheck would need to be voided instead.

    Void one or more paychecks

    Please contact Payroll Support.

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