ViewMyPaycheck: View your pay stub

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Employees with a ViewMyPaycheck account can view pay stubs online.

Are you a payroll administrator? To find out what you need to do to see your employees' pay stubs online in ViewMyPaycheck, see View your employees' pay stubs.


You are an employee with a ViewMyPaycheck account.

Expected Outcome

You will be able to view your pay stubs online.


To view your pay stub online in ViewMyPaycheck:

Be sure you have been invited to ViewMyPaycheck and have activated your account.

As an employee, to view your pay stub online in ViewMyPaycheck, you must:
  • Be invited by your employer or payroll administrator to ViewMyPaycheck (contact your employer if you haven't received a ViewMyPaycheck invitation email)
  • Activate your ViewMyPaycheck account

Sign in to ViewMyPaycheck with your Intuit account user ID and password.

Click Paychecks. By default, ViewMyPaycheck displays the latest pay stub that was uploaded.

If you want to see a different pay stub, select another one in the Paychecks list.

The pay stub details appear in the Pay Stub section below.