ViewMyPaycheck: Employees can't locate invitation email from employer

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Before accessing pay stubs and other payroll info in ViewMyPaycheck, employees must be invited by an employer or payroll administrator.

Invitations are issued by an employer or payroll administrator and delivered by email. If employees haven't received an invitation email, employees and administrators can use the following info to resolve the problem.

Looking for information about email notifications instead? If employees have been set up for email notifications when pay stubs are uploaded but aren't getting notified, go here for troubleshooting information.


Employers have an active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll, signed up for ViewMyPaycheck, and invited employees.

Expected Outcome

Employees receive or locate their invitation emails.


Check to make sure the invitation email was sent to the correct email address.

ViewMyPaycheck invitations are delivered by email, so employees should check with their employer or payroll administrator to make sure that the correct email address was used when sending the invitation

Verify that the Intuit Account User ID is valid and associated with the email address.

Administrators and employees must have their own Intuit Account to use ViewMyPaycheck. If an employee hasn't received the ViewMyPaycheck invitation email, the email may have been sent to an address that isn't associated with an Intuit Account.

Employees should verify that their Intuit Account and is associated with the email address. If employees aren't sure if they have an Intuit Account, they can use the Forgot User ID application to check. This application retrieves any Intuit Account user IDs associated with the email address.

If employees don't already have an Intuit Account, they should go to and sign up for one. When setting up an Intuit Account, employees should use the same e-mail address to which the invitation was sent.

After employees have activated ViewMyPaycheck, they should see the ViewMyPaycheck application in their Intuit App Center.

Check email spam or junk folders.

Sometimes email spam blockers are aggressive and send the invitation emails spam or junk folders. Employees who haven't received a ViewMyPaycheck invitation email should check spam or junk folders.

Verify that your company or internal email system isn't blocking the emails.

If no employees are getting the invitaition emails, check with your company's IT adminstrator to see if the company's email system is blocking the address.

If you're an administrator and you have an employee who still can't locate the invitation email after completing the previous troubleshooting steps, re-invite the employee to ViewMyPaycheck.

If the employee can't locate the invitation email at all, the ViewMyPaycheck administrator can re-invite the employee. To do so:
  1. Sign in to ViewMyPaycheck (as ViewMyPaycheck administrator).
  2. Click the Manage Employees tab.
  3. If necessary, click Show employees.
  4. In the Employees list, navigate to the employee you want to re-invite, click the Manage drop-down arrow and choose Send invitation to different email address.

  5. Verify the address in the Email address field. (It should be the email address from the employee record in QuickBooks.)
  6. Click Send Email Invitations located in the upper-right corner of the table.

  7. Verify that the employee name and email address appears in the Send Invitations table and then enter a custom message to include in the invitation email (optional).
  8. Click Send.