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    ViewMyPaycheck: Creating/Verifying an Intuit Account

    Article ID: 1002129


    ViewMyPaycheck is built as one of the Intuit Workplace Applications.

    Intuit Workplace Applications require that you have an Intuit Account, which is a universal user account that enables you to use one user ID and password to sign in to several of Intuit's online services, such as TurboTax.com or Quicken.com.

    Before you create a new Intuit Account, check to see if you already have an account for any of the Intuit websites listed here. If you already have an Intuit Account, you don't need to create a new one. Simply use your existing Intuit Account to sign in to or, if you're an employer/ViewMyPaycheck administrator, sign up for ViewMyPaycheck.


    You have an active QuickBooks Payroll subscription with ViewMyPaycheck.

    Expected Outcome

    ViewMyPaycheck administrator, employer, or employee finds an existing or creates a new Intuit Account.


    Before you create a new Intuit Account, sign in to ViewMyPaycheck and check to see if you already have one:

    If you're an employee, check the email address to which your payroll administrator sent your invitation email.

    To do so, check your email for the invitation or ask your payroll administrator (the ViewMyPaycheck administrator) which email address was used. Didn't get an invitation email?

    Check if you already have an Intuit Account associated with your email address.

    To do so, go to https://workplace.intuit.com/App/Account/ForgotUserID/ and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Note: If you're an employee, use the email address to which your invitation was sent. If you didn't get an invitation email, ask your payroll administrator which email address was used.

    Click the + symbol to see the next steps.

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