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    Download the latest payroll tax table

    Article ID: 1001166

    To Download A Payroll Tax Table Update In Quickbooks:

    Important Reminder:

    • In order to update your tax tables within QuickBooks, you must have an active payroll subscription.
    • Intuit recommends that you download your tax table every time you pay your employees, or at least every 45 days.  Click here to learn the latest tax table version.
    • Tax Table is not part of the automatic software update in QuickBooks. To download the Tax Table update, follow these steps provided in this article.

    Click Employees > Get Payroll Updates.

    Click to select Download entire payroll update.

    Click Update.

    When the download is complete, a message such as "A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer. Click OK to read about the changes." Click OK.

    Disk Delivery service: To install a payroll tax update from a CD:

    1. Insert the Payroll Update CD.
    2. Open the Get Payroll Updates window.
      • QuickBooks Pro and Premier: Choose Employees > Get Payroll Updates.
    3. In the Install Payroll Update window, if you are prompted to locate the update.dat or update3.dat file, respond to the prompts.
    4. Click Browse.
    5. In the Install From window, choose the CD drive from the Look in drop-down arrow.
    6. Select either update.dat or update3.dat from the Payroll Update Disk, and click Open.
    7. In the Payroll Update window, click OK.
      Note: If you receive the message, "File Not Found," test your CD drive:
      1. Close QuickBooks, click the Windows Start button, and select Computer or My Computer.
      2. Right-click the CD drive, and select Explore. If you cannot view the files, test the CD on a second computer. If you can view the files on the second computer, you have a hardware problem with the CD drive on the first computer. If you cannot view the files on both computers, order a new payroll update disk by visiting our support site, then select Payroll and click View Contact Info.
      3. In the Install Confirmation window, verify that you are installing from the correct location and that the tax table versions in the Current and New fields are correct.
      4. Click Install. When the update is complete, or the new tax table is installed, a confirmation message appears. Read the message and then click OK.
        • If the tax table version has changed, a message appears: "A new tax table has been installed on your computer. Click OK to read about the changes."
        • If the tax table version has not changed, a message appears: "You have successfully installed payroll update [PS###]."




    Hi, my main PC crashed and I now have to upload quickbooks to a laptop. When I try to restore my files it comes up with a message that I my files are a newer version than what is loaded. Would this be affected if I have not loaded the tax update that was sent via email to me for 2012/2013? If so how can I get this update to correct the problem urgently please? many thanks Karen




    Thanks for your effort in helping me. The article didn't address my issue, but it helped me understand some other things better.


    Dawn 7/21/2013


    I am trying to print out my 2013 W2's from Quickbooks 2011 (went out of business) I have gotten the 2013 forms from the IRS... Won't let me choose 2013?


    Jo Ann7/24/2013


    Hi Dawn,

    Unfortunately the tax table update with 2013 W-2 capability will not come out until mid December. If you are not keeping your payroll subscription, it may be necessary for you to have your accountant complete the forms.

    I hope this helps. Thank you for commenting.



    For the last two months, the state withholding amount has been incorrect. I am using QB 2012 and have checked to make sure I have the latest tax table update. What can I do to correct the state withholding amount?




    Hi Lesli,

    I have found an article that explains how Federal and State withholding are calculated QuickBooks calculates wages and/or payroll taxes incorrectly.

    In the article it explains how withholding is calculated and what factors its based on. I hope this helps!



    I received a call from Intuit stating that after May 31st, 2013 they would no longer be offering tax table downloads for my QuickBooks payroll subscriptions, I have Quickbooks 2013 & Standard payroll subscription that I pay $399.00 a year for & that is the only reason I use Quickbooks for is the tax tables I do not print tax forms or anything else, I guess i am trying to find out if this is a true statement & why Intuit would stop this important of a service as tax tables are?

    Thank you.




    Hi Ford

    Quickbooks 2010 will be discountinued on May 31, 2013, so you may upgrade your software anytime before that date. I found the article QuickBooks 2010 Discontinuation FAQ with information on how to upgrade your QuickBooks. I hope this helps. Thank you for posting this comment.


    How do I print prior period payroll reports?




    Hi Donald,

    This article, Create a payroll summary report contains the steps to create a Payroll Summary Report. When creating the report, you can change the dates to the period you would like to review.


    I cannot find the option to "Download entire payroll update". I do have an active subscription, but cannot get the tax tables updates. Suggestions?


    Jo Ann7/17/2013


    Hi Sabina,

    I have added an image to step 2 that should show you how to find the Download entire payroll update selection.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.

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