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    Correct an employee Social Security Number and reprint their W-2 form

    Article ID: 1000851


    If you file an employee's W-2 form with an incorrect Social Security Number (SSN), you need to enter the correct SSN in the employee's record and then reprint the W-2 form for the employee. This article explains how to reprint a W-2 form after correcting the employee's SSN.

    You need to change your employee's SSN by editing their record. After you correct the number, you can print their W-2 form.


    You have verified the correct SSN.

    Expected Outcome

    You can reprint the employee's W-2 form with the corrected SSN.


    To change an employee's SSN and print the corrected W-2 form:

    Choose Employees > Employee Center.

    Double-click the employee name.

    Click the Personal Info tab.

    Change the employee's SSN. Click OK.

    Print the W-2 form.

    If you have already filed your employee's W-2 form with an incorrect SSN, you must file an amended W-2 form (W-2C) with the IRS. For more information, see IRS Forms and Publications.



    After an employee quit and when I got info from the employment dept, I noticed that we had an incorrect social security number for him. How do I go about correcting this since I have already filed both state and federal year end reports?




    Hi June,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment. IRS and the state agency will reject the tax reports filed as unprocessable since the employee name and the SSN won't match. Once the correct SSN is verified, you will have to amend the tax forms filed with a separate form for each year needing correction (for example, file a Form W-2C to correct previous Form W-2 submitted).

    You can use the article Correct or amend W-2 forms for the instructions on how to create a W-2C form in QuickBooks.

    I hope this answers your question. Thank you for posting a comment.


    i do not have payroll service with quickbooks.

    i have quickbooks pro 2013.

    i use ADP for payroll service.. but to correct an SSN with ADP is costing too much. hence, i would like to correct the SSN in the W2 i.e. print a new W2c using my Quickbooks 2013.

    how do i do it?




    Hi PV,

    You can print or e-file W2-C from your QuickBooks 2013 if you have an active Enhanced Payroll subscription. Please check our website http://payroll.intuit.com/ for more options.

    Thank you for posting a comment!

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