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    Change your Direct Deposit bank account

    Article ID: 1000737

    If you have QuickBooks Basic, Standard or Enhanced with Direct Deposit, you have the option in QuickBooks to change your bank account from which your Direct Deposit payroll funds are withdrawn.

    To perform the processes below, you need the following:

    • Your existing Intuit Account.
    • The Direct Deposit PIN you use to send payroll.

    Set up the new bank account in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, if you haven't created it yet.

    1. Choose Lists >Chart of Accounts.
    2. Click the Accounts button and choose New.
    3. Choose Bank and click Continue.
    4. Enter your bank account information
    5. Click Save & Close to save your changes.

    Update the bank account information in QuickBooks Account Maintenance page.

    1. In QuickBooks, go to Employees > My Payroll Service > Accounts/Billing Information.
    2. Sign in using your Intuit Account login.
    3. In the Direct Deposit section, click on any of the Bank Account details.
    4. Click OK on the message that appears.
    5. Enter you payroll PIN and click Submit.
    6. Enter the new bank account details and click Submit.
    7. Wait for the confirmation and click Continue.
      Intuit will send 2 test debits to your new bank. It may take up to 2 banking days for the test debits to post on your bank statement. You will need to complete the steps in the section below to activate your new bank account before sending your next Direct Deposit payroll.
    If you are unable to change your bank account information in QuickBooks, you have the option to download the form and send it to Intuit via fax (877.699.8996) or email (SBPFCSOperations@intuit.com). You will need to activate the new bank account if you want your next Direct Deposit payroll to debit from the new bank account.

    If you need to pay your employees but have not completed the bank account verification and activation steps, you will need to issue paper checks.

    After one to two banking days, check your bank statement and make a note of the two small one-time withdrawals made by QuickBooks Payroll Service.

    Enter these 2 test debits in the QuickBooks Account Maintenance page. See steps below:

    1. Go to Employees > My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Information.
    2. Sign in using your Intuit Account login.
    3. Click the Verify link next to your Direct Deposit bank account information.
    4. Enter the 2 test debit amounts to verify your new bank account.

    5. Enter and confirm your payroll PIN.
    6. Click Submit.



    I have done all the changes and verification on the new account. Money is being taken out of new account but it is still being recorded into the old checking account in quickbooks. Please help.




    Hi Leslie,

    I am an Intuit employee and I saw your comment. The article Change the account in which payroll fees are posted should help in correcting the bank account where the Direct Deposit fees are posted.

    I hope this resolves your concern. Thank you for posting a comment!


    Wondering if Leslie solved her problem as I am having the same issue. Kriz, I do not think you understand the problem. It is a software issue. Payroll and fees are coming out of correct checking account per the bank. However, the software continues to take the entry to the old checking account. That is the issue. I then have to go into the old account, which is now a zero account, open the entry and change it to the correct account.




    Hi Deborah,

    I apologize for the confusion. Based from your comments, it appears that the fees are taken out from the correct bank account but in QuickBooks, the transactions are still posting to the old bank account.

    QuickBooks has a preference wherein you can set the bank account the direct deposit transactions will be posted to. The article Change the account in which payroll fees are posted provides the steps on how to get to this page in QuickBooks and how to post the direct deposit transactions and fees to the new bank account moving forward.

    I hope this clears out the confusion. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks!


    I am experiencing the same problem that Deborah describes. The direct deposits are drafting from the correct account, but are being recorded to the wrong account. I have already changed the bank account in the preferences settings, but the problem still persists. I can't figure out any logical reason that this is happening, or any other way to fix it. Help or advice would be appreciated.


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