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    Set up time tracking preferences

    Article ID: 1000538


    This article will explain how to use the Time Tracking features in QuickBooks.


    You have an active payroll subscription and have employees for whom you would like to enter timesheets.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to use timesheets to create paychecks.


    Set up QuickBooks for time tracking.

    1. Sign in as the Admin and be sure to be in Single-user Mode.
    2. Open the Time and Expenses preferences:
      1. Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences.
      2. In the Preferences window, click Time & Expenses in the list on the left.
      3. Click the Company Preferences tab.
    3. For the Do You Track Time? option, click Yes.
    4. In the First Day of Work Week drop-down list, choose the day on which you start tracking time each week. Note: The day you choose affects all weekly timesheets. For example, if you choose Sunday, your timesheets begin with Sunday.
    5. Click OK.

    Set up employees for time tracking.

    1. Go to the Employee Center, then double-click the employee's name.
    2. Click Change tabs and select Payroll and Compensation Info.
      QuickBooks 2013: click Payroll Info tab.
    3. Select Use Time Data when Creating Paychecks, then click OK.

    OPTIONAL: To change the day of the week when the timesheet starts:

    1. From the top menu bar, choose Edit and select Preferences.
    2. From the choices on the left menu, select Time Tracking or Time & Expenses.
    3. Select the Company Preferences tab.
    4. Next to First Day of Work Week, click on the drop-down menu, and choose the day your work week begins, and click OK.

    OPTIONAL: To set up the time format:

    1. Go to Edit > Preferences.
    2. Select General from the icons on the left of the screen.
    3. Select Company Preferences.
    4. Select Decimal or Minutes, and then click OK.
    5. If you want to enter minutes, use a colon between hours and minutes on the Enter Payroll Information screen. The system then uses exactly what is entered for calculations. For example, you would enter 30 hours and 27 minutes as 30:27. Important! You must use a colon and NOT a period between numbers. If you use a period in this example, QuickBooks will convert it to read 30:16 and give the wrong calculations.




    I already have these preferences set. What I want is my employees to be able to "clock" in and out on my computer and their time to be saved automatically into my quickbooks? I need a feature like this to minimize paperwork and time spent doing payroll. Please help!




    Is there a add on to QB for payroll time for employees to clock in and out with personal id cards and that it automatically converts the information to entered time so no more hand calculating of payroll employee time cards?




    Hi Jessica & Sherry,

    Thanks for your comments. I think eBillity might be able to help with some extra time tracking features. Check them out.

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