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    Edit or delete QuickBooks payroll checks (paychecks and liability checks)

    Article ID: 1000484


    If a paycheck has not been transmitted to the payroll service, and contains wrong information or is a duplicate, you can edit, delete or change the direct deposit paychecks.


    You have created paychecks that you wish to edit or delete.

    Expected Outcome

    You will have correct paychecks.


    Follow the instructions provided below to delete, edit or change the paycheck's Bank Account, Memo, Job or Class fields.

    • If you have not sent the payroll, delete the paycheck instead of voiding it so you are not charged a per check charge.
    • If payroll has been sent and the only thing incorrect is the check number, do not void. Follow this link to instructions on how to change a check number.
    • Before beginning, back up your company file.

    Do not follow this procedure if you have Direct Deposit or Assisted Payroll and have already sent your payroll to the Payroll Service. Instead, view your options for voiding and deleting paychecks.

    Locate the paycheck

    If you know the employee's name:

    1. Click the Employees drop-down menu, and select Employee Center.
    2. Select the employee's name, to the right, under the Reports for this Employee menu select QuickReport.
    3. Click the Dates drop-down arrow and select All (or, if you know the date of the paycheck, enter that date in the From and To fields). This report displays all the payroll transactions for the selected employee.
    4. Look for a line entry for the incorrect paycheck in the report, and double-click the entry to display the paycheck.

    If you don't know the employee's name:

    1. From the Reports menu, select Employees and Payroll, choose Payroll Transactions by Payee.
    2. Click the Dates drop-down arrow and select All (or, if you know the approximate creation date of the check, enter a date range in the From and To fields). This report displays all the payroll transactions for the selected employee.
    3. To ensure that you have the correct paycheck, double-click each paycheck to display and review the entire check.
    4. When you find the incorrect paycheck, double-click to open.

    Edit the paycheck

    To edit the paycheck:

    1. Locate and open the paycheck.
    2. On the check face, change (if needed) the date or check number.
    3. Click Paycheck Detail to change or delete amounts for individual Payroll Items (salary, taxes withheld, etc.), Pay Period.
    4. When you have made all your changes, click OK.

    To edit the earnings items after payroll has been submitted to Intuit:

    You can edit the earnings items (even after payroll has been submitted to Intuit) as long as it doesn't affect the Gross or Net amounts of a check. For example, if the Job costing is incorrect, and you need to split the wages, you can edit the check and correct the numbers. The Net Pay Lock error may appear, but if you select No, the change will remain.


    To delete a paycheck:

    1. Locate and open the paycheck.
    2. Click the Edit menu and select Delete Paycheck (or Ctrl + D on your keyboard).
    3. The message Are you sure you want to delete this paycheck? message will appear. Click OK to permanently delete the transaction.

    Delete or void a payroll liability check.

    Note: Do not void liability checks from the QuickBooks payroll service.
    1. Look or search for the liability check in the check register by clicking Banking on the top menu bar and select Use Register
    2. Select the Bank Account if prompted.
    3. Locate the Liability check. (It should have the LIAB CHK as type.)
    4. Double-click on the liability check to edit it.
    5. Click Edit from the top menu bar and select Delete Liability Check or Void Liability Check.

    Deleting or voiding the liability check will cause the liabilities paid on the check to show as due.




    I have voided a paycheck and sent it to Intuit,

    The instructions said to send the voided check and paystub to you.

    What is the address to send it to?

    Can it be sent email ?

    Let me know, Thanks





    Hi Gary.

    If you have Assisted Payroll and you voided a paycheck that you have already sent online to Intuit, you will need to Send Payroll Data in QuickBooks to send the voided check to us.

    I hope this helps and thank you for asking.





    Maurice Smith5/1/2013


    I've followed the steps to Edit an Assisted Payroll paycheck. But, I still cannot add the amount of "Reportable Health Insurance" on the check. It is a non-taxable and non-employee contributed item. How do I get the figure in this field?




    Hi Maurice,

    It sounds like you are trying to add a Company Contribution item to your employee's paycheck detail and paystub.

    If this is true, and you have already set up the item, you can edit the paycheck and add this item by clicking under Other Payroll Items section, click the next available field and select this payroll item from the drop down list. Click OK to save your changes. This company contribution item will display on paystub under Company Summary.

    I hope this helps and thank you for posting your comment.

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