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    The "Use my existing payroll service" option is not available

    Article ID: 1000402


    When trying to add a company or federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to an existing Do-It-Yourself (DIY) QuickBooks service, the Use my existing payroll service option is not displayed.


    You have an existing DIY QuickBooks service.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to add the additional EIN to your payroll subscription.


    Use My Existing Payroll Service will not be available as an option if:
    • you have a company file in QuickBooks that has not validated the payroll subscription.
    • you just installed QuickBooks and does not have available company file to use for validating payroll subscription.

    If you have a company file with active subscription, follow steps below to enable Use My Existing Payroll Service option.

    Open the existing file that has a payroll subscription.

    When done with update, close this company file.

    Open the company file of the EIN you want to add to your subscription.

    From top toolbar, click Employees > Payroll > Use My Existing Payroll Service.

    If you do not have Use My Existing Payroll Service option, follow steps below to add the EIN to your subsription:

    Choose Employees > My Payroll Service.



    Hello, I have a new company where under Employees > Payroll, there's a "Turn on payroll in Quickbooks." There is no "use my existing payroll" option. However, I wish to add the EIN of this company to an already existing payroll subscription. Is there a way to fix this without having to pay again? Thanks.




    Hi Vincent,

    The reason why the "Use my existing subscription" is not available in the company file of your new EIN is because you have not revalidated the company file with payroll.

    Revalidating the service key of the company file that already has payroll will creates a subscription file in your computer that would allow new company file (for new EINs) to recognize that you already have an existing subscription, making the option "Use my existing subscription" available.

    The article Enter or edit service key has the instructions on how to revalidate the payroll subscription. This would have to be done on the company file that already has payroll and since you already have a service key, all you have to do is click on the Next button until you hit Finish.

    I hope this helps.Thank you for posting a comment!

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