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    Migrate from QuickPayroll to QuickBooks

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    QuickPayroll is a stand-alone Intuit offering that is not dependent on Quicken or QuickBooks. If you decide to purchase a QuickBooks payroll service, you can automatically migrate your payroll data into QuickBooks. This article explains how to that.

    Expected Outcome

    You will migrate your payroll data into Quickbooks.


    You must be using a supported version of QuickBooks.


    If you plan to move your payroll service from QuickPayroll to QuickBooks, first retrieve and print any specific information from your QuickPayroll data. Doing so provides information you need when setting up your payroll in QuickBooks.

    This migration process only affects payroll transactions. If you use Quicken, you cannot migrate any of your Quicken data with this method.

    Back up the QuickPayroll Company File.

    1. Choose File > Backup.
    2. In File name, enter the extension .QBB after the file name. Click Save. Tip: To make the backup file easier to find, change the Save in location to My Documents.)
    Note: By making a backup of the QuickPayroll company file with the .QBB extension, you can transfer your payroll information over to another computer running QuickBooks on Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can restore the backup file without installing QuickPayroll on that machine.

    Restore the backup copy created in step 1.

    1. Choose File > Open or Restore Company.
    2. From What Type of file do you want to open or restore, select Restore a backup copy. Click Next.
    3. Select Local Backup. Click Next.
    4. Select the backup file (.QBB) you created in step 1. Click Open.
    5. At Where do you want to restore the file?, click Next.
    6. At Save Company File as, click Save.

    Update the Company File to QuickBooks.

    1. Answer the prompts and the Company File updates to QuickBooks.
    2. When the message Your data has been restored successfully appears, click OK.
    3. At Change Password for Admin, you can enter a password or click OK.
    4. At No Password Entered, click No if you do not want to create a password.
    5. Your QuickPayroll Company File is now open in QuickBooks. You can go to the Employee Center to see the existing Payroll Transactions in QuickBooks. You can also run payroll reports to see the payroll data.

    Sign up for new payroll service.

    To actually process payroll in QuickBooks, you must sign up for a payroll service from within the product, or contact Telesales.

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