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    Correct or amend W-2 forms

    Article ID: 1000188


    This article explains how to correct a W-2 that has not been filed, or create an amended W-2 for a form that has been filed.

    Expected Outcome

    You will correct the W-2 or amend it by creating a Form W-2c.


    You have an active Intuit Payroll subscription in QuickBooks.


    You can correct W-2 and W-3 forms even if they have been filed, by filing a corrected copy. For a list of items that can be corrected on W-2c and W-3c along with specific instructions, see IRS General Instructions for Forms W-2 and W-3.

    If you printed and/or filed W-2 and W-3 with incorrect amount or information, see scenarios below and follow the steps that fit your situation.

    Scenario 1: Your employees received incorrect W-2 forms, and your company has not yet filed the incorrect W-2 forms:

    Reprocess all W-2 forms and a W-3 form with the correct amounts. File the corrected forms with the government.

    Issue a new W-2 form to each employee who previously received an incorrect W-2. On the employee's copies of the corrected form, write "Corrected" at the top of each copy. You do not have to issue a new W-2 if the previous one was correct.

    If the employee has not yet filed a tax return, they should file using the new W-2 and destroy the previous one.

    If the employee has already filed a tax return with an incorrect W-2, they must file an amended return using Form 1040X and the corrected Form W-2. For these forms, visit the IRS Web site.

    Scenario 2: Your employees received incorrect W-2 forms, and your company has already filed the incorrect W-2 forms with the government:

    Prepare Form W-2c for each employee who received an incorrect W-2 form. Also prepare Form W-3c to accompany the W-2c forms. File the W-2c forms and the W-3c form with the government.

    1. Open QuickBooks.
    2. Choose Employees > Payroll Center.
    3. Click Process Payroll Forms. (For QuickBooks 2014: In the Payroll Center, go to the File Forms tab.)
    4. In the Select Form Type window, choose Federal Form and click OK. (For QuickBooks 2014: Skip to the next step)
    5. Select Annual Form W-2c/W-3c - corrected Wage and Tax Statement. (For QuickBooks 2014: After selecting the form, click the File Form button)
    6. Next to Process W-2s for click to select all employees or a last name range.
    7. Under Select Filing Period, confirm that the correct period is entered.
    8. Click OK.
    9. In Select Employees for Form W-2/W-3 click to select the employees who should receive a W-2c. Click Review/Edit.
    10. Answer the question in the Interview Page: Have you made the W-2 corrections in QuickBooks?
      • If Yes The current QuickBooks data will appear in the Correct information column on the W-2c, review each W-2c worksheet and enter the Previously reported amount for the items that should be corrected.
      • If No - The current QuickBooks data will appear in the Previously reported column on the W-2c, review each W-2c worksheet and enter the Correct information amount for the items that should be corrected.
    11. Review each page and click Next as needed.
    12. On the page titled Form W-2c Worksheet, under the Employer s name, check the box Check if this is a W-2c (corrected W-2) if there are changes to be made for the W-2 of that specific employee.
    13. Make sure to only fill out the lines that need corrections. Fill out the columns for both the Previously Reported and the Correct Information.
    14. Erase the other lines that are already correct by right clicking on the amount/figure and selecting Override. Erase the figure on the specific line.
    15. QuickBooks will only print form if both the columns for the Previously reported and Corrected amounts are filed out.
    NOTE: For State Correction Information, if there's a need to make a correction on lines 16 or 17, make sure to fill the State and ID fields on both Previously reported and Correct information. Fill out the correct amount on the specific line (16 or 17) that needs a correction and then if the other line does not need a correction (16 or 17), put a 0 (zero) on that line for both Previously reported amount and Correct information . Do the same for the Local Correction Information on lines 18, 19 and 20.

    Issue the W-2c form to each employee who received an incorrect W-2 form. You do not have to issue a W-2c form if the original was correct.

    If the employee has not yet filed his or her tax return, the employee should file Form W-2c along with the incorrect Form W-2. Form W-2c only reports corrections to Form W-2 and may not have all the information necessary to complete the tax form.

    If the employee has already filed an incorrect W-2 form, the employee should file an amended return, using Form 1040X and the new W-2c form. For these forms, visit the IRS Web site.

    If your company has submitted incorrect W-2 forms to a state or local agency, file W-2c forms with the appropriate correction form as required by your state or local agency.

    Contact your state or local tax agency to confirm the correct procedures.
    At this time, QuickBooks can only print W-2c/W-3c forms on perforated paper, not pre-printed forms. E-filing is not an option.



    I corrected the W-2 (used an adjusting entry for income to address medical insurance premiums for an S-corp) - went through the W-2 correcting interview and manually changed the state information to add in previously entered and correct information and then went to print the forms and the forms only list the federal changes. The interview page shows the correct state information, but not the form when it prints. I posted on a 2011 entry elsewhere that had the same problem, but no answer. Should I just type in with a typewriter or is there another solution? Perhaps fix for next year....


    Jo Ann2/5/2013


    Hi Mayteam,

    I am an Intuit employee & noticed your comment. I can't be certain by the information you gave how the adjusting entry was done, but it sounds like there are some other articles that can help.

    1) "How to set up S-corporation medical payroll items" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000684.html, to make sure the correct tax tracking type is applied to your S-corp item.

    2) "Learn what each line means for Forms 940, 941, W-2 and W-3 using clickable library of tax forms" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/2000212.html to determine where the S-corp should be reporting.

    3) "Adjust payroll liabilities" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000824.html, to make sure the adjusting entry was done correctly.

    4) "Apply S Corp Medical at year end for corporate officers" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000836.html, to apply the corrections next year before creating W-2s.

    I hope these suggestions help. Thank you for posting a comment.

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