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    Error 15102

    Article ID: 1000143


    When downloading a payroll or QuickBooks update, you receive the message, Error 15102: Failed to reset update.

    Error 15102 can be caused by the following:

    • Shared Download is turned on, but the specified download location is invalid or not accessible.
    • QuickBooks is running in a terminal services environment in multiuser mode.
    • If you are using Windows Vista, you are not logged in as Windows Administrator or running the application as Administrator.


    You have an active payroll subscription.

    Expected Outcome

    You will be able to download the latest payroll or QuickBooks update.


    You can get this error if you are not using the latest release of QuickBooks. Reset your program update and download the latest tax table again.

    To resolve the problem:

    If you are in multi-user mode, switch to single user.

    Verify that the mapped file location is correct.

    1. Press CTRL+1 to open the Product Information window. Find the mapped location path; for example: [x]:\[folder name]\[data file name] and write it down.
    2. Choose Help > Update QuickBooks.
    3. Click the Options tab. Verify that the information in Download Location is correct.
      • If Shared Download is set to Yes, the drive in Download Location should be the same drive that appears in the Product Information window.
      • If Shared Download is set to No, the directory in Download Location should be the same as the QuickBooks installation directory.
    4. If the location is incorrect, change the state of the location. Select one of the following:
      • If Yes for Shared Download is selected, then select No for Shared Download. Click Save.
      • If No for Shared Download is selected, then select Yes for Shared Download. Click Save.
    5. Click Close and download the latest tax table again.

    If the download location is correct, remap the drive to a new letter.

    1. Close your QuickBooks company file.
    2. Remap your network drive to a new letter.
    3. Using the new mapped-drive letter, open your company file.
    4. Choose Help > Update QuickBooks.
    5. Click the Options tab.
    6. Turn Shared Download off and then back on again.
    7. Verify that the download location is using the new mapped-drive letter.
    8. Click Save > Close.
    9. Download the latest tax table again.

    If you continue to have issues in Windows Vista, run QuickBooks as an administrator.

    1. From the desktop, right-click the QuickBooks icon and choose Run as Administrator.
    2. When the User Account Control (UAC) prompts you to run this application, click Continue.
    3. Reset the QuickBooks updates.

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