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    Create a custom employee payroll report

    Article ID: 1000112

    To create a custom report, you must have set your employees up in QuickBooks and have generated at least 1 paycheck for them.  Then follow the steps below.

    Modify your Employee Withholdings report

    Go to Employee Withholding.

    In QuickBooks, choose Reports > Employees & Payroll > Employee Withholding.

    Click Customize Report or Modify Report button.

    Add the columns that you need.

                        Here are the suggested columns that you may need:

  • Address
  • Marital Status
  • Type
  • Sick Limit
  • Sick Available
  • Sick Rate
  • Sick Used
  • Vacation Limit
  • Vacation Rate
  • Vacation Available
  • State Worked
  • SDI
  • SUI
  • Social Security
  • Medicare
  • FUTA
  • Click OK.

    Intuit recommends you export this report to Excel where it is easier to customize fonts and appearance.

    1. Click Export at the top of the Payroll Report.
    2. In the Export Report window, choose a new Excel workbook.
    3. Click the Export button.




    I need to generate a report after each payroll run for a 401k recordkeeper. The report must have the following columns:


    name (first middle & last in separate columns)

    address, city, state, zip

    birth date

    hire date

    release date

    rehire date

    current period hours

    current period pay

    Employee pre-tax contribution

    Employee Roth contribution

    Employer Match

    I can get everything except the Roth pulled into one report. Is there a way to add the Roth to the same report that the pre-tax is on or do they have to be in 2 separate reports?


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