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    Set default bank account for payroll

    Article ID: 1000065


    You changed the bank account you use for payroll, but paychecks and liability checks still point to the old bank account.

    Expected Outcome

    You will set the default bank account used to create payroll.


    You must have your new bank account set up in QuickBooks.


    To set your new bank account as the default for payroll:

    Choose Edit > Preferences.

    From the column on the left, click Checking.

    Select the Company Preferences tab.

    Check the Open the Create Paycheck box and select the bank account; and/or check the Open the Pay Liabilities box and select the bank account.


    Advance Sales2/6/2013

    I have completed all the changes in preferences but payroll is still coming out of my old accoutn


    Jo Ann2/7/2013

    Hi Advance Sales,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment.

    For Direct Deposit debits to be debited to your new bank account you will need to follow the instructions in the article, "Change your Direct Deposit bank account" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000737.html. I have also added a link to this article in the Related Articles section above.

    I hope this helps you. Thank you for posting a comment.


    I have followed the instructions above, as well as changed the direct deposit account. The Direct Deposits always draft from the correct account, but Quickbooks continues to record them to an account that is closed and even made inactive in QB. I have to manually move the transaction each time. I am completely stumped because I have never seen this happen before. What else can I do?



    Hi Sara,

    The article Change the account in which payroll fees are posted has the instructions on how to set the bank account where your Direct Deposit fees are posted. You no longer have to manually move the transactions from one bank account to another. Isn't it great?

    Let me know if this helps. Thank you for the comment!

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