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    Renew or reactivate your payroll service

    Article ID: 1000063


    As long as your billing information is current, and you have the supported version of QuickBooks, Intuit will automatically renew your QuickBooks Payroll subscription.

    Manual renewal may be required if there is an expired credit card on the account.

    You may have requested to cancel your payroll service because you did not have employees to pay, but find that you need to provide W-2s and process forms. If you are reactivating the service to complete your year-end tasks, please contact us.


    To renew your payroll subscription:

    In QuickBooks, go to Employees > My Payroll Service > Accounts/Billing Information.

    Sign in using your Intuit Account login.

    In the Service Information section, click the Reactivate link next to the service status.

    If the Service Status is blank, please contact us.

    Make sure your payroll service is listed, then click Proceed to Checkout.

    Select a Payment Method, update or add your payment information. Then click Submit.

    Hang on... you're almost there! Click Place Order.

    Lastly, select Next and then Return to QuickBooks.

    • Auto-renewal - your payroll service is a subscription that renews automatically, and your credit card or bank account will be automatically debited at the start of each subscription term.
    • Price - the cost of your subscription will appear in the Subscription Renewal window. An order confirmation or an invoice notification will be sent to the Primary Contact of your company/account upon reactivation or renewal.


    Corey 2/14/2013


    My payroll subscription is due today but it says i need to upgrade my QB pro to 2013. When i went to do it thru your website i discovered i can get it cheaper elsewhere - plus i want to buy 2 programs so i can have both my computers using QB pro. my question is if i buy the 2 packages that payroll is included, do you still charge me for the upgrade today?




    Hi Corey,

    I'm from Intuit and noticed your comment. Your payroll subscription is set to auto-renew on your renewal date so you may have already been charged for another year of payroll service. On the other hand, QuickBooks upgrade are initiated by customers via online, retail store or with a support representative. There will be no charges yet if the upgrade has not been processed.

    I hope this answers your question. Thank you for posting a comment!



    When I try to update my payment info, it brings up an old company, not the company I've been using for 2 years. Thanks




    Hi Gail,

    I am from Intuit. Basing on your comment, there are 2 possibilities:

    (1) You need an Intuit Account Name Change; OR

    (2) You need to Change the legal name and address of your company in QuickBooks Pro or Premier

    I have added the links in the "Need Help?" section of this article. I hope this helps! Thank you for your comment.



    What is the least expensive payroll service that I can purchase through Intuit?




    Hi Kacey,

    You have a tricky question as Intuit Payroll Services provide different solutions. The best recommendation I can give you is to visit www.payroll.com, and click the "Compare Products" link. It will show you the features of the different services. You can then identify which service fits your needs.

    Please note that the limited time offer in the website is valid for new Intuit Payroll subscribers only and cannot be combined with other offers. Services renew at the regular and current rate.

    If that doesn't help and you need more information, you may contact our Sales Team at 877.202.0537 and they will be glad to help you determine the right solution you need.

    Thank you for your comment!



    I have just restored my QB record to a new computer and it won't recognize my payroll account, name or password. HELP.




    My enhanced payroll is scheduled to renew 3/1/13. Intuit wants to charge me over $300 to renew my subscription. My question is I can purchase Enhanced Payroll from Amazon for $179. Why should I renew through Intuit?




    Hi David,

    Amazon is one of our retail partners. The Intuit Payroll Services they sell are for 0-3 employees only. If that will fit your business need, then you may purchase the service from them. If you have more than 3 employees, you may unlock the service for unlimited employees for an additional fee.

    Thank you for your comment.



    Why is the cost of the renewal more than twice the cost of the original program?




    Hi Dave,

    Intuit runs time limited offer in different methods and venue for new and upgrading subscribers. You may think of these offers/discounts as assistance to employers who are just starting their business, or are beggining to expand their business. All of the Intuit Payroll Services renew at a regular price.

    I hope this helps! Thanks you for posting a comment.


    I do not understand what this charge is for since our subscription does not expire until 5/31/2013 and would be for much more than this.


    Jo Ann2/5/2013


    Hi Marvin,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment. It looks like you have some questions as to charges on your account. There can be charges to your account for things that aren't related to your annual payroll subscription. My suggestion is to contact Intuit by going to Payroll.com/support and clicking on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page. I hope this helps. Thank you for posting a comment.


    I am subscribed to the enhanced payroll, my account number is XXXXXXX and my payroll key number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I'm getting a message that I can only pay three employees. When I subscribed I informed Intuit that I had anywhere from 12 to 15 employees. I tried to manage my account on line and it says that I do not have a product and when I connect thru the payroll link it doesn't show an account number. I need to pay my employees and I'm getting no where. Help!




    Hi Jamie,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment.

    It looks like you may be having trouble with your Intuit Account and will need to Contact Us.

    Also, I found another article that will work better to help activate a payroll service purchased in a retail store. The information in the article Activating a payroll service purchased from a retail store should answer some questions as to why you are only able to pay 3 employees or less. I have also posted a link to this article in the Related Articles section above.

    I hope this helps you. Thank you for posting a comment.

    Abel 3/4/2013

    I just received a notice that unless I upgrade my 2010 Qb to 2013 my payroll serveice will stop on May 31, 2013. Is this for real? Why do I want to spend about $400 when I am already happy with 2010. At that rate, upgrading every three years will in effect make my yearly payroll cost $133 ($400/3) on top of what I am alreading paying. How is this cost effective for a small business like mine?




    Hi Abel,

    Thank you for sending a comment.

    The Intuit Payroll Services for desktop requires a supported version of QuickBooks Software. Here is an article that should answer your questions, and give you a better understanding of why we are discontinuing the software: QuickBooks 2010 Discontinuation FAQ.

    Also, we have time limited offers for QuickBooks Software 2013. The lowest I have seen so far is $319.96 + applicable sales tax in our website.

    Please let me know if you need more information. You can reply to this post or you can submit a comment to the other article.


    customer #XXXXXXXXX. I thought our tax table subscription was on an automatic renewal. I need the disk delivery key.





    Hi Kim,

    Intuit ensures that you are able to use your payroll service when it renews. Aside from an expired credit card, you may also need to renew manually if:

    1) The QuickBooks version you are using has been discontinued before your payroll service is supposed to renew automatically; OR

    2) You may have recently purchased a supported version of QuickBooks or the latest version, but have registered the software after the discontinuation of the older version.

    An email with the disk delivery key will still be sent to the payroll administrator of your account upon the renewal or reactivation of your service. If you did not get the email, you may Contact Us to check/update your email address and get the disk delivery key.

    This information is a great addition to this article and we appreciate your comment. I have added a link to the QuickBooks Discontinuation FAQ (http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/2000308.html) in the Related Articles. I hope this helps you and others.

    Thank you for sending a comment!


    I have been trying to reactivate my payroll subscription and can't get it to work.



    Hi Joshua,

    Can you tell more about your experience when you try to reactivate your service? Are you getting an error, or are you not able to follow a step in the article?

    Thank you for posting a comment.


    How many companies can I have on one payroll subscription?



    Hi Sue,

    It depends on the type of service you have. I believe you need this article: Add an EIN to existing Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll subscription

    It lists the maximum number or company you can add to your subscription, and the steps on how to add them.

    Please reply to this comment if you need more information. You may also submit a comment to the other article.

    Thank you for posting a question!


    I just downloaded the Quick Books Pro 2013. I am trying to pay an employee and there are no taxes being calculated. I have requested to load in the latest payroll taxes but the paycheck detail is still showing no taxes. Do I have to pay an additional amount for the taxes to be automatically calculated?



    Hi Julie,

    If you had a payroll service prior to upgrading to QuickBooks 2013, and that payroll service is not yet due to renew, you don't have to pay an additional charge.

    What you need to do:

    1) Get the service key of your company by using the automated Service key Retreival tool. If that doesn't work, you may Contact Us.

    2) Enter the service key in your QuickBooks 2013.

    I'd like to recommend this article that will provide you the detailed steps: Enter or edit your payroll service key/disk delivery key

    Please let us know if this helps you or not. You may reply to this post or submit a comment to the other article.

    Thank you for submitting a comment!


    I just renewed my payroll sub. How long will it take before it is activated and I can use it?




    Hi Lisa,

    After following the steps in this article, you should get a confirmation in QuickBooks that the payroll service has been renewed. The expected outcome is that the features of the service will be turned on as soon as you get the confirmation.

    Thanks for posting a question!


    Quickbooks is telling me that I need to update my credit iformation. The credit card we have on filling for updates has expired. I can not find where to up date my information?


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