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    Intuit Order and Payment History

    Article ID: 1000062


    This explains how you track the status of your orders and view payments (charges) or refunds in My Account. 


    To view order history:

    Log in to My Account.

    Under Payment & Order Activity, click View Order History.

    Filter the list by time period or date range. The order history can show the orders made in your account within the last 180 days.

    Click the Order Number to view the details of the order. 

    Click Print this page at the top right to print the order details.

    To view charge or payment history:

    Log in to My Account.

    Under Payment & Order Activity, click Payment History.

    Filter the list by date and time. The payment history can show both payments and refunds in your account within the last 360 days or 1 year.

    Click the View Details link of a payment or refund to see more information

    Click the Description link in the Payment Details and Refund Details to review order details of the payment. If the payment is for a subscription, it opens the order details of the initial purchase of the subscription.

    Click Print at the top right of the Payment Details or Refund Details to print.

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