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    You Have Paychecks To Send

    Article ID: 1000028


    You are getting a warning message in QuickBooks that you have paychecks to send.

    Expected Outcome

    You will not receive a message you have paychecks to send.


    When starting QuickBooks, you may receive the following error even if you do not have any paychecks queued to send:
    You have paychecks to send


    This message will occur if:
    • You created new Direct Deposit paychecks in QuickBooks that is waiting for you to send.
    • You have already sent the Direct Deposit checks to Intuit but QuickBooks does not recognize them as having been sent.
    • You restored a back up with Direct deposit paychecks from previous payroll.

    If you just recently created Direct Deposit paychecks, you will need to go online to send payroll data. See instructions below:

    1. Verify in your Bank Register if you have new Direct Deposit paychecks that you need to send to the payroll service:
    2. From top toolbar of QuickBooks, click Banking > Use Register.
    3. Select the checking account you use for payroll.
    4. In the Date column verify if you have paychecks for current pay period.
    5. If you have not sent this payroll to Intuit, click Employees at top toolbar and select Send Payroll Data.

    If QuickBooks is trying to send Direct Deposit paychecks that have already been sent to the payroll service, see instructions below:

    1. From top toolbar of QuickBooks, click Lists > Chart of Accounts.
    2. From Chart of Accounts, right click on your Direct Deposit Liability account and select Quick Report.
    3. Change the From and To date of your report to match date of paycheck(s) that QuickBooks is trying to send. The list of Direct Deposit paychecks should display on report.
    4. Double click each paycheck to bring up the picture of the paycheck.
    5. Click the Paycheck Detail button to view the paycheck details.
    6. At the upper right hand corner, click to clear the Use Direct Deposit checkbox.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Click Save & Close.
    9. To zero out the net amount on DD paychecks that you unmarked, see instruction on how to create and use a Direct Deposit Offset payroll item.

    Note: The paychecks you unmarked for Direct Deposit will show up in the Bank Register with net amounts. Because your employees have already received the Direct Deposit funds for this payroll, you will need extra few steps to zero out the net amount on each paycheck that you unmarked for Direct Deposit in order to balance your Bank Account register in QuickBooks.


    Cylos Inc 2/5/2013

    I have been using my original administrative pin It no longer works since it appears that i now need an 8-12 character pin. My old one was 6. How do i create a new pin?


    Jo Ann2/6/2013

    Hi Cylos Inc,

    I am an Intuit employee and saw your comment. You can use the article "Change or recover forgotten/lost PIN for processing Direct Deposit payroll for Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll" http://payroll.intuit.com/support/kb/1000029.html to change your PIN. I have also added a link to this article in the Related Articles section above. I hope this helps. Thank you for posting a comment.


    I had the message that I had paychecks to send, even though I had already sent the direct deposit checks and the checks went thru and the employees were paid. So when the message came up again I hit send and the message said you have paychecks to send, but at a 0 amount, so I hit send and it went thru as a zero amount, but QuickBooks recognized that all paychecks were sent. The message has not come up since, hope this helps someone. This was the first time I have used direct deposit.




    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for your comment. You are correct, if you are using QuickBooks 2012 or 2013, and receive the message "You have paychecks or payments waiting to send. Click OK to send then now. Otherwise, click Cancel," this message is expected behavior each time you make a paycheck or employee modification. This includes as printing paychecks, adding or changing check numbers, changing classes or items on the paycheck and editing or updating employees. After paychecks or employees are modified, you will be prompted with this message and must send these changes to Intuit. The message will stop after you have sent.


    How can i open my View My Paycheck as a employee.



    Hi Juan,

    Check out the ViewMyPaycheck website for information about how to view your paycheck online. Thanks for your comment, have a good day.


    How can i see what is going to be sent when i get the message you have paychecks to send. i appear to have paychecks that did not get sent in 7/21/10 in the amount of 11826.02? but i know that those paychecks were sent.




    Jo Ann7/1/2013

    Hi Jenny,

    Try this article to find the checks that haven't been sentError: One or more of your paychecks are dated earlier than

    Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.


    This is rather frustrating - I am getting the same message even tho there are no checks to send. This is something new, it did not occur before. THere has to be a work around?? Please advise! Thank you!G


    Jo Ann7/1/2013

    Hi Rayna,

    Try this article instead Error message: "There are paychecks or payments to send. Click OK to send them now."

    I have updated the Related Articles section to include a link to this article.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.


    I'm trying to send my payroll for Direct Deposit to Intuit but get a box that pops up Late Direct Deposit. You cannot send direct deposits dated earlier than 6/3/2013. Then below it says make a note of the above transactions and modify their date to two business days from today before sending them. But when I go into the checks it shows a date of 6/13/2013 which is the correct direct deposit date and won't let me go any farther????? Thanks Sharon


    Jo Ann7/1/2013

    Hi Sharon,

    This article might help you to find the direct deposits with an earlier date Error: One or more of your paychecks are dated earlier than

    I have also updated this article to include the link in the Related Articles section.

    Hope this helps. Thanks for commenting.

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