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    Add an EIN to existing Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll subscription

    Article ID: 1000024

    Requirements And Limitations:

    • You must use the same registered copy of QuickBooks, on the same machine, to process payroll for all companies on a single payroll subscription.
    • The contact information and payroll administrator for the payroll subscription will be the same for all companies you add to a single subscription.
    • If you pay your employees with Direct Deposit (DD), you can have multiple companies (separate data files) with DD on the same DIY Payroll subscription.
    • Each QuickBooks Payroll service has a limit on the number of companies you can add to a single subscription. These limits are based on company data files, not number of employees.
    ServiceMaximum number of EINS
    Basic Payroll3
    Standard Payroll3
    Enhanced Payroll3
    Enhanced Payroll for
    Assisted PayrollEach EIN is charged separately. Discounts apply for multiple companies

    To Add Another Company Or Ein To Your Subscription:

    From the top menu bar, select Employees > Payroll > Use My Existing Payroll Service.

    In the Account Maintenance window, select Add File.

    Select the Add to Subscription Number XXXXXXXXXX-[SUBSCRIPTION NAME] radio button.

    • If you do not see your own subscription in the list, select Other: I have an existing subscription and a Zip Code and enter your information.
    • If you do not see the Add to Subscription Number XXXXXXXXXX-[SUBSCRIPTION NAME] radio button, a payroll service has already been validated in the company file.
    • If you wish to add the EIN under your own or current subscription, remove the validated payroll service first then repeat step 1.

    Click Next.

    When the Review Information window opens, click Next to add the company EIN for no additional charge.

    Click Print, or Return to QuickBooks. A Validating Payroll Subscription window opens and the service is added automatically.

    Verify the Service Key.

    • From the top menu bar, select Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Keys.
    • Click View to display the new service key with an Active Status.
    If you purchased a subscription directly from Intuit prior to creating a payroll company file, the subscription number will not be available when you click Use My Existing Payroll Service.

    If you have this scenario, follow the instructions provided in the next topic.

    If you purchased a subscription directly from Intuit prior to creating a payroll company file, follow the steps below:

    1. Get the service key of the EIN you are adding.
      • Use our Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery key tool, or
      • Contact Us.
      • When you provide the EIN you will be given a unique service key. If you receive updates by disk, please use the automated service key/disk delivery key tool.
    2. From the top menu bar, select Employees > Payroll > Enter Payroll Service Key.
    3. Click Add and enter the service key as one number with no hyphens.
    4. If the company file already has the payroll service key in it click Edit instead of Add, and then enter the service key.
    5. Click Next.
    6. Click Finish.

    A new Tax Table will be downloaded and payroll functions will be activated in the QuickBooks company file.

    If you need assistance in adding or moving an EIN to another QuickBooks Basic, Standard or Enhanced Payroll account subscription, Contact Us.




    I started the company file on my computer. I just acquired this client the end of 2012. When I set up their company on my computer, I go into payroll and there is no Use my existing payroll service. What do I do? Yes I have enhanced accountant payroll.




    Hi Deb,

    I recommend this article: The "Use my existing payroll service" option is not available

    With that article, you should be able to add your client to your payroll subscription. Please let me know if it works!

    Thank you for posting a comment.



    Hi, the font color for the table for the column "Maximum number of EINS" is grey, please change it to white.




    Hi Nathan,

    Thanks for your help. I have updated the table so it is more readable. Thank you for choosing Intuit.


    How do I terminate my enhanced payroll service. It was not what I expected and way too complicated for my small client payrolls and I do not like sharing pertinent client info with Intuit.

    Please respond


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