Payroll Taxes

Intuit Online Payroll withholds the correct payroll taxes from each paycheck, and makes it easy to pay and report all payroll taxes to the appropriate government agencies.

How to figure payroll taxes

Intuit Online Payroll automatically calculates all payroll taxes for you, and completes your payroll tax forms.

Federal paycheck taxes include federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare. State paycheck taxes include income taxes in most states, and other taxes that vary by state.

In addition to these payroll taxes and forms, Intuit Online Payroll calculates federal and state unemployment insurance on all paychecks. These are taxes that start at the beginning of the year and continue until a dollar threshold is reached for each employee.

As an Intuit Online Payroll user, you just enter the number of hours worked by each employee and approve the salaries and Intuit Online Payroll instantly calculates the payroll tax deductions. Next, you print paychecks, or click to pay by direct deposit, and the payroll taxes are automatically withheld.

With Plus, when your payroll taxes and forms are due, we automatically calculate the amounts owed and complete your payroll tax forms for you. You just click to pay and file payroll taxes electronically through our system, for the federal government and most states.

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Intuit Payroll automatically calculates payroll taxes for you
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