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Intuit Online Payroll solves the problem of payroll calculation for small business employers. Calculating payroll is fast and easy with Intuit Online Payroll.

If you're a business owner with 1-100 employees, you'll find Intuit Online Payroll is a great way to calculate pay checks and avoid tax penalties. Designed for small business, Intuit Online Payroll provides fast payroll calculations throughout the year.

Instant Paycheck Calculations

Intuit Online Payroll has a built-in online payroll calculator that is always up-to-date with the latest tax information. Instant paycheck calculations mean fast paydays for you.

Paycheck calculation is just the beginning. With Intuit Online Payroll, we complete your federal and state tax forms for you. And with Plus, you can use our electronic tax payment and filing service for the federal government.

How to Calculate Payroll

When using Intuit Online Payroll, just enter the employee hours and approve salaries, and our online payroll calculator does the rest. Intuit Online Payroll will calculate net pay. You can then print paper checks from our website on your own printer, or directly deposit funds to employee bank accounts through our system.

Personal Paycheck Calculators

You can estimate the effect of changes in salary or hourly pay with our pay check calculator. Or, write an after-tax check for a specific amount. If you want to give an employee a take-home check for $500, for example, you can use a paycheck calculator to determine the gross pay to start with. Our personal paycheck calculators are available to provide estimates of taxes that will be withheld.

Note: Don't use these personal calculators for exact tax amounts or payroll year-round, because they do not take into account the changes in taxes when employees cross thresholds for unemployment taxes, FICA or other taxes during the year.

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Intuit Payroll's built-in payroll calculator makes paydays easy with instant paycheck calculations.
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