Payroll Systems Make Payroll Fast & Easy

A payroll system will save you time and reduce mistakes.
Pay your employees easily
Take care of taxes on time
Keep yourself organized
Manage employee benefits
Restaurant owner who uses a payroll system to easily pay his employees

Pay Your Employees Easily

On payday, your payroll system will precisely calculate and automatically create paychecks. Depending on your system, you can have paychecks mailed, print them yourself, or use direct deposit.

Take Care of Taxes on Time

A payroll system will automatically and accurately take care of these critical payroll tax responsibilities for you:

  • Employer & Employee Federal Taxes (FICA)
  • Federal and State Income Taxes
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Providing W-2s

As an employer, you must pay these taxes on time and file forms quarterly. A good payroll system will make sure you never miss a deadline.

Payroll systems make filing employment taxes, such as Form 941, easy

Keep Yourself Organized

Your payroll system will keep track of employee information, withholdings, the latest tax rates, tax payments owed, and tax forms that must be filed. It will also keep employee records organized, so you can easily access payment histories.

Store owner helping employee

Manage Employee Benefits

You build trust and loyalty when you offer employee benefits , such as health benefits and 401(k) retirement plans to your staff. A payroll system will keep track of all contributions to these programs.

Workers' Compensation Insurance, while not a benefit, is required of all employers, and can be integrated with your payroll system.

Choose from Two Kinds of Payroll Systems

Payroll Software
Control payroll yourself
by entering hours on a screen and the software calculates payroll amounts for you.
Payroll Service
Report hours to a service that will do everything for you.

No matter your preference, Intuit Payroll offers everything you need.
It's easy to use, accurate, and designed for the needs of small businesses.