Easy, Affordable 

Household & Nanny Payroll

  • Use direct deposit or print checks
  • Keep up with all tax requirements
  • Manage all payments in one place

Intuit Online Household Payroll

$20/month +$2/employee per month

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30 DAY



Intuit Online Payroll Household

The fast, tax-smart way to pay

nannies, housekeepers, gardeners & other household help

Nanny Payroll

Easier to Pay

  • Use direct deposit or print checks
  • Track & record all 
    payments-including cash
  • Pay from anywhere, any time

Easier to Manage

  • All household payments in one place
  • Wages & taxes calculated for you
  • Email reminders when payments
    and forms due

Easier for taxes

  • Correct taxes are calculated and
    withheld automatically
  • Avoid IRS penalties related to Social Security & Medicare
  • Links to employee's W2 copies

Intuit Online Household Payroll Features

Every Pay Day:

  • All paycheck calculations done for you
  • All taxes & withholdings calculated & recorded for you
  • Use FREE direct deposit or print checks & paystubs

At tax time:

  • Get e-mail reminders when forms & payments are due
  • Links to pre-filled tax forms & payment coupons

At year-end:

  • Links to your employees' completed W-2s
  • Preparation of IRS copies

Available in 35 States and The District of Columbia

If you have workers in more than one state, you'll need a separate payroll service for each state. (Due to state law differences.)

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How it works

Pay all your household workers in three easy steps

1. Just enter the hours

Enter regular hours. Or overtime.
Then just click to approve.

2. Review calculations

All calculations, deductions & taxes done automatically for you to review.

3. You pay your way

Use FREE direct deposit, print instant checks or hand write them.

Get started. It's so easy.



  30 DAY




$ 20 /month

+$2/employee per month



Your Intuit Online Payroll 30 day free trial period begins when you run your first payroll. A valid credit card is required. After the first 30 days, each month you will automatically be charged at the then current monthly rate for the service you have selected, until you cancel. Currently the monthly pricing is $35 for Enhanced; or $25 for Basic; or $20 for Household. Each employee you pay is an additional $2.00/month. Pay up to 150 employees. Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced includes 1 state. If you file taxes in more than one state, each additional state is currently $12/month. Intuit Online Payroll Basic does not include tax forms. Sales tax may be applied where applicable. The trial is available for Enhanced, Basic or Household versions. You may cancel at any time online within your payroll account (click the Setup tab then click Cancel Service) or by calling 1-866-729-2925. This limited time offer is valid for new Intuit Online Payroll subscribers only and cannot be combined with other offers. Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice.