Payroll Made Simple

See how it works. Kristen, a San Diego café owner, walks you through payday
and quarterly taxes with Intuit Payroll.
If I could
describe Intuit
Payroll in one
word, it would
be easy.
Kristen Buchannan
Owner, GoodOnYa Deli

Payday in 3 Easy Steps

With Intuit Payroll, all you have to do is enter hours, approve the totals, and click to pay your employees. You can use direct deposit or print paychecks instantly.

Instant & Accurate Taxes

Intuit Payroll uses the latest tax rates, so we guarantee all calculations are accurate.

We'll also automatically complete necessary
tax forms
. You can choose to pay and file them electronically, or have us pay and file them
for you.

Related Services in One Place

Intuit also offers related services like:

  • Workers' Compensation
  • Intuit Health Debit Card
  • Intuit 401(k) Retirement Plan

Stands Alone or Works with QuickBooks

Intuit Payroll is a powerful tool when used by itself or with QuickBooks accounting software. If you do have QuickBooks, your payroll and tax payments will automatically record in your accounting software, so there's no need to reenter these figures.

Intuit Is the Proven Leader in Payroll

With over 1 million customers, Intuit is the #1 payroll provider in the United States. It's the clear choice of small business owners.