Making health reform work

  • Find insurance options for your employees
  • Invite employees to shop for individualized care
  • Make contributions automatically through payroll 

Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace1

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Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace

You choose what to contribute

employee by employee





The perfect solution for small business


Now you can contribute to employee health plans, without buying group insurance.

Through Payroll, you choose what to contribute. And through the Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace, your employees choose individual plans that best meet their needs.


Help your employees get covered

in three easy steps


1. Sign up through Intuit Online Payroll 

Choose what to contribute, employee by employee. You can save thousands over group insurance.


2. Your employees shop for health care 

Your contribution2 helps employees afford the right health insurance for their needs and budget. 


3. Run payroll as usual 

Contributions are automatically added to employee paychecks and can be adjusted at any time.

Help your employees find health insurance options

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to provide health insurance?


That depends on how many employees you have. If you have fewer than 50 full-time equivalent employees, you are NOT required to provide health care insurance to your employees and their dependents under the Affordable Care Act.

If I am not required to provide health insurance, why would I?


It's a good idea to provide health insurance for your employees, even if you’re a small shop. 

  1. You send a message to your employees that you care about them as people. 
  2. Your company gets a good reputation, which attracts and keeps top quality employees. 
  3. You’ll get a small business tax credit of up to 50% of premiums paid in 2014 if you’re a small business employer, 35% for 2013. For small tax-exempt employers or non-profit, your credit is up to 35% for 2014 and 25% for 2013. Calculate your potential tax credit at The Small Business Majority Site.

How can I contribute to my employees’ health insurance?


If you use Intuit Online Payroll* you can help your employees through our Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace1. The Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace lets you contribute2 (as much or little as you want) to each employee’s health insurance. Your contribution is then automatically added to every paycheck. 


* We’re working toward integrating Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace into other versions of Intuit Payroll. 


How much does the Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace cost? 


The Marketplace is FREE to Intuit Online Payroll customers. 

How is the Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace different from the public health insurance exchanges? Are the prices different?


In addition to providing all the same public plans you’ll see on public exchanges or marketplaces, we also offer competitive private plans you won’t find on the public exchanges. 


The prices for the public plans are the same as you’d find anywhere else. The private plans often offer specific coverage and benefits for people with special health needs, which may make them more expensive.

How much should I contribute to my employees’ health insurance costs? Can I change my contribution after I make it?


If you need to change your contribution later, you can. But we recommend that you try not to change contributions more than once a year, so your employees know what they can count on.

How do I know my contribution will be used for health care coverage?


Because your contribution is handled through Intuit Online Payroll, we make sure your contribution isn’t added to an employee’s paycheck until we confirm that your employee purchased an insurance plan through the Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace.

What is a subsidy? Or a tax credit?


A subsidy is government assistance to help low income households—in this case helping people pay health insurance premiums (this is sometimes called the premium tax credit.) To get a health insurance subsidy, your employee must meet certain qualifications. Use our subsidy calculator to help your employees figure out if they qualify for government health care help.

Is there a way for me to contribute pre-tax dollars to help pay for my employees health benefits?  


No. The money you contribute to your employee’s health plan is considered post-tax income. Federal and state taxes get deducted from this money, just as they are deducted from the rest your employee’s paycheck. So the amount employees can actually use to purchase insurance in the Intuit Marketplace or even the federal or state marketplace is less than the amount you contribute. Oy! Taxes!

What’s the difference between individual and group health insurance? Which one does Intuit Health Benefit Marketplace provide?


With group insurance you buy one plan for all employees. Group insurance can cost you up to $5,000 per person per year, and your employees still have to pay too! 


With individual insurance, each employee chooses the plan that works best for their needs, joining a community of people with similar insurance needs. You can contribute as much or little money toward your employees’ insurance as you like, on an employee-by-employee basis. 


The Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace offers individual insurance.

Important information and disclaimers*

The Intuit Health Benefits Marketplace is a private exchange offering health insurance plans and products that are administered by various insurance carriers. All plans are provided by Connected Health, LLC and Intuit Insurance Services, Inc., each a duly licensed insurance agent/broker entity. These plans and products are only offered in the US. All plans require a separate applications to be completed by each   employee. All employer contributions are will be provided on a post-tax basis. 

*End of open enrollment through the public marketplaces. Enrollees must submit their first premium payment by the March 31st deadline to avoid the 2014 tax penalties. 

1 Individual health insurance plans are provided by ConnectedHealth LLC and Intuit Insurance Services, Inc, each a licensed agent/broker entity in states that requires a producer license for insurance transactions

2 All employer contributions will be calculated on a post-tax basis